Sex underwear brand ranking

Sex underwear brand ranking

Brief introduction

Interest underwear is a special underwear. Unlike daily underwear, buying sex underwear requires special attention to fabrics, styles, sizes and other factors.The following will introduce the sexual lingerie rankings of several brands.

Victoria ’s Secret

One of the world’s top sexy underwear brands, Victoria’s secret was founded in 1977 and has many fans and loyal consumers.Its spectacular fashion show and the well -known "angel" lineup make it one of the top sexy underwear brands.The brand focuses on high -quality fabrics and rich colors, so that women get the best enjoyment in sensory senses.

Polly (Polly)

Plus Lace Silk Lounge Set – Curvy – 14609

Poklakem is a high -end sexy underwear brand from Japan. It is famous for high -quality handmade and strict quality testing.Its design is unique and has a variety of styles, covering the bust of the size, allowing each woman to find the style and size that suits them.The brand advocates that sexy is not the same as exposure, so some of them can even be worn as top.

Ravijour (ravijour)

Lavi is a sexy underwear brand from Japan, known for innovative design and high -quality fabrics.The brand’s sexy underwear covers various models and shapes, and there are more conservative loli wind from super sex, suitable for various women.In addition to beautiful and sexy underwear styles, Lavi’s underwear style can also achieve fit and comfort.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is a world -renowned luxury brand, and its sexy underwear is also highly respected.As a luxury brand, the quality of the sexy underwear is naturally superior, mostly cotton or silk fabrics.Its design is also unique, and often work hard on the details, making underwear more unique and elegant.

Natalie (Natalie)

Natali is a sexy underwear brand from the United States. It becomes the preferred brand of women with simple style and high -quality fabrics.By abandoning complex designs, simplifying lines, and pursuing pure colors, women get more pure feelings in taste.At the same time, its comfort and convenience are also very good, which is convenient for daily wear.

Agent Provocateur

Avryl is a sexy underwear brand from the United Kingdom.The brand is famous for its full -style and stylish sexy underwear.The design is gorgeous and sexy, very creative and artistic.Its high -quality fabric and adventure design are mixed with the design of the adventure, which is very popular in the market.


Rene Rofe

Leino is a more practical and flexible sexy underwear brand. Its design mainly considers the comfort and practicality of women.Its style is varied, the size is complete, the style is suitable for women with various figures, and even special styles are suitable for pregnant women.Product prices are relatively close to the people and are easily accepted by women.

Jolidon (Jolidon)

Jela is a sexy underwear brand from Switzerland. It is famous for its more diverse and unique colorful underwear style.Its design style is gentle and sexy, suitable for women of all ages and figures.Compared with other brands, Jela’s cost -effectiveness is very high, and even high -performance styles are more affordable.

Belle (Chantelle)

Belle is a sexy underwear brand from France, focusing on providing women with confidence.Its products cover a variety of sizes and models, so that every woman can find underwear that suits them.The brand attaches importance to quality and comfort, and some of the style fabrics can even make people feel the effect of high -tech fabrics used in sports.

Jade Lingerie

Jiali is a sexy underwear brand in Canada. The sexy underwear designed is more sexy and suitable for most women.The brand also takes into account the different preferences of colors and styles of different women, so it highlights the diversity in the design, and at the same time uniforms the design style.The advantages of their products are relatively balanced quality and price.

in conclusion

Sexy underwear is a special area of the female brand underwear market. It provides a high -quality experience and rich style choice.Whether you are looking for sexy underwear or wanting to pursue high standards, the above brands are worthy of attention.Just determine your budget, style preferences and preferences, you can choose the sexy underwear brand that suits you best.