Sex underwear welfare show

Sex underwear welfare show

Sex underwear welfare show

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is more and more loved by modern women.It is no longer just a sexy game that men love, but also a manifestation of women’s confidence and beauty.With the changes of the times, the sexy underwear has been constantly pushing out, and the style is rich and colorful.Today, let’s take a look at the types of all kinds of erotic underwear.

2. pajamas

Pajamas and sexy underwear mainly include nightdress, robe, stockings, etc.These underwear make women feel comfortable, sexy and gentle.The design of the robe is mostly slit or split, which can show the sexy of women while covering important parts.

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3. Milk stickers

Milk stickers are the best choices, especially when wearing low -cut dress, off -the -shoulder suspenders, formal clothes and clothes that do not need to wear bra.The characteristics of milk stickers are reused, and some are sticky.This kind of underwear can highlight the charm of women, but you need to pay attention to the stickiness when buying.

4. Swimsuit

Swimsuit sexy underwear is a style common to men and women, and it is also essential in summer.Almost every brand has its representative swimsuit, the most famous of which is the sexy underwear of Japanese manufacturers.Swimsuit underwear is more to show women’s bodybuilding figures.

5. Fairy Tale Series

The fairy tale series of underwear mainly refers to the underwear style of imitating fairy tale characters, such as the little red hat, Cinderella and so on.This kind of underwear is more all -in -one in design styles, full of children’s atmosphere and fantasy elements.It is also very suitable for some fantasy women.

6. Queen sequence

The queen sequence underwear is loved by women because its design pays more attention to atmospheric and noble images.In this type of underwear, the addition of leather products and various metal products is common.Although Cinderella is not as good as the young lady’s temperament, the Queen’s underwear can bring infinite confidence to women.

7. Eve series


The theme of the Eve series underwear is temptation.Design often uses lace, silk and other materials, and the style shows more women’s curves and sexy.The Eve series underwear is a more common sexy underwear, which is suitable for women to relax.

8. Weapon sequence

The biggest feature of weapon sequence underwear is that it emphasizes the power of women. It often has elements such as armor, sword, shield, etc., emphasizing women’s strength and ability.This type of underwear is generally used for heavy materials and black tones.

9. Summary

Interest underwear does not exist to satisfy male vision.It is a special female underwear that emphasizes the beauty and personality of women.Different erotic underwear is suitable for different occasions, different needs and different women.I hope that women can use sex underwear as their own source of self -confidence and bravely try various styles.