Sexy lingerie dressing

Sexy lingerie dressing

Sexy underwear body outfit: look more sexy and slim from the appearance

With the development of the times, people’s requirements for appearance are getting higher and higher.Especially women, the body is a more sexy and slim secret weapon.The body -shaping outfit of erotic underwear has strengthened the effect of body shaping, but also makes people more confident in terms of sexy and gender charm.This article will introduce readers to several main types and advantages and disadvantages of sexy underwear.

I. Specifications

The whole body shape is a underwear covering the entire body, usually made of high -tech fibers or compressed fabrics.Its advantage is that it can effectively shape the beauty of the body curve, reduce the ratio of the body shape, and reduce various unnecessary fat and fat.But this type of body shaping will make the wearer feel a little restrained, and it takes time to get used to it.In addition, it is not suitable for wearing in hot weather.


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The chest -guarded body is a kind of body -shaping underwear that focuses on the upper body.It is mainly designed for the breast area, protecting the chest while effectively compressing the fat on the abdomen and back.Its advantage is that it is very suitable for wearing tights, and its body shaping effect is very prominent.The disadvantage is that the body shaping effect is limited to the upper body, and it may not bring a good body shaping effect to the lower body.


Supreme skirt -type body outfit led to leapfrog and upper body.It can reduce the waist around the waist and increase the curve on the hip.The advantage of the conjoined skirt body is that it can bring a good body shaping effect to the upper and lower body, and it is very good for the body’s support.The disadvantage is that it is difficult to wear and take off, and of course it is not suitable for wearing in summer.

IV. High -waist body pants

High -waisted body pants are mainly covered with hips, abdomen and waist, which can effectively make the body look slimmer.It is a very comfortable design of the body shape. It not only has a good package effect, but it is also very easy to wear and take off.However, its main disadvantage is that it can only be limited to the lower body, so if you want to get the shape of the whole body, you may also need to cooperate with other contour underwear.

V. warm -up dressing

The warm body shape is a body -shaping installation of the winter market. It uses warm material to keep the body warm and shape the body.This type of underwear allows the wearers to wear a coat without having to obscure a lot of things.Its disadvantage is that it is not comfortable to wear when the weather is hot, and it is not easy to wear because of the thickness of the warm material.

Vi. Correction underwear

Correction underwear focuses on correcting the posture of the human body, and achieves weight loss effect by adjusting the posture of the human body.This underwear is a solid body contour underwear. It uses the cork board as the lining, and must formulate a medical aesthetic solution to implant the cork plate into the underwear, adjust it according to the morphological characteristics of the body, and adjust it by adjusting the dressing.The physical posture of the person is to achieve weight loss.The advantage of correcting underwear is that the contour of the human body is very prominent, and the disadvantage is that wearing is relatively troublesome.

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Vii. Men’s body shaping jacket

The sexy underwear used by men is usually tightly moisture -absorbing and sweat -absorbing fiber or thin Teddy. The color is mostly light color.Its main function is to make men’s figures look more well -proportioned, and to some extent enhance men’s confidence, and provide them with a more confident and handsome feeling.The disadvantage of this underwear is that wearing it may feel a little strange, and it may feel a little bondage.


The knitted body is not only comfortable, but also has good elasticity and breathability.It is similar to high -quality fibers made of medicine galvanized. Its advantages are that it can be cleaned multiple times and very durable.The disadvantage is that it may produce seam friction, pain and marks due to poor suture effect.

IX. Micro elastic bodywear

The production line of tights continuously develops in the improvement direction of micro, elasticity and technical improvement.Including a new product called P2PI and Colorado, this underwear has a good effect and is easily adapted to the body of the wearer.The disadvantage is that because of the special nature of the material, the price is more expensive, and it also needs a certain dress experience.

X. Boshobo body outfit

The Poser’s body is specially designed with special physical mechanical design, which can shape the human body based on the body curve of the wearer.Unlike the traditional human outline underwear, there are multiple straightening vectors in Posaco. Through the effect of this vector, it will put pressure on the body curve’s fat part, making your body look slimmer.Not only that, the breathability of Poso shaped body is also very high, and it is very comfortable.

in conclusion

There are many types of sexy underwear, and each underwear has different advantages and disadvantages.No matter what kind of sexy lingerie, the role is to make the wearer feel more confident and charm.However, it should be noted that it is very important to choose underwear suitable for your body, because different figures with different erotic underwear can produce different effects.Finally, no matter which underwear choose, remember to choose the most comfortable material and design according to your physical condition.