Sexy Lingerie Model Contest Finals

Sexy Lingerie Model Contest Finals

Sexy Lingerie Model Contest Finals

Recently, the annual sex lingerie model contest finals ended successfully in Shanghai. The sexy interpretations of beauty models have caused warm applause from the audience.

competition rules

The sex underwear model contest is divided into three links: Belle pajamas, sexy lingerie and swimsuit display.Each link is scored by the judges, and the score is finally scored to decide the winner of the contest.

Belle pajamas link

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Fresh, cute, and naturally the theme of this beautiful pajamas. Beauty wears a white lace nightgian and presents a song of youth and vitality on the T -shaped platform.The atmosphere of the field reached its peak, and the audience was full of affection to cheer for each performer.

Sexuality and Emotional Underwear Assembly

This is the most noticeable part of this competition. The models wearing sexy sexy underwear slowly embarked on the T -shaped platform.Purple black, coral red, bright yellow … sexy underwear in various styles is presented in front of the audience.Each detail is carefully polished, showing the perfect figure and sexy charm of the models.The applause of the audience continued, and the models confidently showed the charming charm on the T -shaped table.

Swimsuit display link

The swimsuit display is the last item of this competition. Each beauty model wears his favorite swimsuit and interprets his own style, showing confidence and beauty.Deep V -neck, bikini, high waist … the perfect fusion of various styles of swimwear and figure make the audience dizzy.

Judge scoring link

During the competition, professional judges score the performance of each link, including: body, temperament, movement, expression, etc.Before the end of the game, the jury comprehensively evaluated the performance of all players.

Awarding session

After fierce competition, the three winners were announced by the host.Three -digit winner took the podium one by one, and received a brief exchange with the host to receive the trophy and bonuses.All contestants and winners were applauded and blessed by enthusiastic audiences.



Participants said that the competition was a rare opportunity, and they gained a lot of performance experience and better self -knowledge.Through this competition, they recognized the infinite charm of their bodies and souls, and they were willing to work harder to show their beauty.

On -site view

As an audience, I am deeply inspired. Fashion, sexy, and self -confidence have become key words showed by beautiful models.More importantly, they bring a kind of positive and courageous personality power, which makes the entire field and the audience immersed in this sexy and beautiful show.