Sexy Loves Style Series

Sexy Loves Style Series

What is sexy sheet

Interest underwear is a sexy clothing specifically for increasing sexual interest and increasing emotional experience.Compared with traditional underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to visual and tactile stimulation. It often uses unconventional fabrics and design, and also emphasizes the slender and charming curve of fitting and highlighting the figure.

Frequent erotic underwear types

According to the design of the occasions and styles, the sexy lingerie can be divided into the following types:

1. lace underwear

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Lace underwear is often called the representative of sexy underwear. Because of its thin and soft material and unique lace design, people can visually enjoy the feeling of seeing the beautiful curve of the body.So we are often worn in romantic nights and sexy occasions.

2. stockings

Stockings play an important role in sexy underwear.They can constitute the sexy shape and play a gentleness, warmth, and protecting the skin.Black lace stockings, net socks, etc. and thin stockings are all popular choices.

3. Sexy set

Sexy suits are often composed of a variety of different types of erotic underwear, such as sex connecting clothes, fun suspenders, and sex pajamas. Through the combination and matching of different exquisite designs, sexy elements are fully excavated.

4. Leather underwear

Leather underwear is very different from ordinary sexy underwear, which focuses on emphasizing sexy sensory stimulus effects.Black leather jackets, leather sexy jackets, shackles, etc. are usually related to SM, but there are also some very sexy leather underwear do not need to be related to SM.

5. Dressing and dressed occasions

There are probably several types of sexy underwear wearing and wearing occasions: daily wear, lover wearing, and cosplay.

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How to choose a sexy jacket

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must first consider your body and style.You should choose a size that conforms to your body, and be careful to choose a sexy underwear that is comfortable and not allergic.

1. Choose a style that suits you

Try to choose your favorite style and the style that suits you, so that you can meet your needs and increase the interest of the other half.For example, when women choose, they can consider their chests, whether to choose triangular underwear or T -shaped, and how about the texture, etc., while men can pay attention to indicators such as transparency, charm.

2. Pay attention to material and quality

The material and quality of sexy underwear determine its wearing effect and feel. Therefore, consumers should pay special attention to when buying, choose good materials and fine workmanship.

3. Choose the color that suits you

The color of sexy underwear is almost unlimited, and consumers can choose the color that suits them according to their personal preferences.For women, fair skin is suitable for pink, pale purple, white and other colors of underwear, and people with dark skin should choose dark colors such as black, purple, red, and other dark colors.Men can choose the color that suits them according to their preferences.

Falling underwear maintenance and cleaning

Interest underwear also requires daily maintenance and cleaning. The key is to be cleaned thoroughly without affecting health.At the same time, in order to ensure the appearance and life of sexy underwear, cleaning is also very important.

1. Do not put in the washing machine to clean

The cleanliness of sexy underwear is best to wash it by hand. Select a neutral or professional sexy underwear washing agent in the washing liquid, and be careful not to use hot water or excessive washing liquid to avoid damage or affect the fabric of the underwear.

2. Avoid direct sun exposure

The drying of the sexy underwear can be dried in a good place in the cool light. Remember to avoid direct sunlight to avoid destroying its shape and color.

3. Cold water and handwashing

Sending cold water for sexy underwear for hand washing. If you need to use a detergent, it is best to choose some gentle professional sexy lingerie washing solution for washing, otherwise the soft material and delicate patterns will be destroyed.

Falling underwear matching and wearing skills

The wearing skills of sexy underwear are also very important. Under the correct way, it can not only give more beauty, but also show higher sexy and mature charm.Here are some fun underwear wearing skills.

1. Let the underwear "take off gently"

The process of dressing is equally important. Excessive movements and methods can easily cause underwear to be damaged, or cause physical discomfort and affect health.The correct method is to disassemble it with both hands when taking off the underwear, especially when wearing irritating underwear.

2. Sending underwear matching

The matching of sexy underwear needs to consider the overall style and personal temperament and body. Try not to wear it alone. You can match some outer coats, which can not lose the sexy charm of the underwear.The matching effect.

The role and value of sexy underwear

Interest underwear can not only increase sexuality, but also increase the amount of emotion and communication.Unlike traditional underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to personal charm and sexy atmosphere. Whether it is a male and female friend or a couple, it can increase the emotional communication and love between the two.


Interest underwear is a customized sexy cultural product that can inspire emotions, increase marriage happiness, and enhance sexy experience. Different brands and styles meet different needs.However, you need to pay attention to the materials and sizes in buying fun underwear, and you also need to pay attention to some skills in dressing and maintenance.Wearing erotic underwear on suitable occasions can play a good role in promoting, and at the same time ensure a better emotional relationship between the two.