Sexy underwear line picture women’s brand

Sexy underwear line picture women's brand

Sexy underwear line picture women’s brand

1. The importance of line design

As a sexy underwear, sexy underwear is self -evident.A good line design allows women’s figure to better show, set off their graceful curves, and bring visual enjoyment to people.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the line design is a factor that must be focused.

2. Classification of line design

According to different lines, the sexy underwear can be roughly divided into the following categories:

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Straight: emphasize straight lines and simplicity, showing the freshness and purity of women;

Curve type: emphasize curves and softness, showing women’s tenderness and charming;

Wave type: emphasize waves and dynamics, showing women’s sexy and moving;

Cross type: cross lines, emphasizing three -dimensional sense and plumpness, making women more charming and feminine;

3. Straight sexy underwear

The linear sexy underwear is mainly straight, simple and elegant, which is in line with the aesthetic concept of modern women.V -shaped underwear, which has been popular in recent years, is a typical straight -line sexy underwear.This underwear emphasizes the proportion of women’s slender collarbone and beautiful figure through exquisite cutting and exquisite details.

4. Curly sexy underwear

The curve -type erotic underwear is dominated by soft curves, which can make women’s figure better.For example, a more detailed vest underwear like the shoulder strap can more highlight the beautiful backline and sexual collarbone of women, creating an elegant, fresh and soft atmosphere.

5. Wave -type sexy underwear


Wave -type erotic underwear is mainly wave lines, creating a female beautiful and charming figure curve through the extension and coherence of the curve.Common S -shaped underwear, deep V -stripped underwear, etc., can make women more sexy and show their gorgeous and charming.

6. Cross -type sexy underwear

Cross -type erotic underwear emphasizes women’s chest and waist curve through multiple cross lines and three -dimensional tailoring, bringing more plump and charming effects to women.This underwear is often made of lace, lace, satin and other materials, making women more feminine.

7. Brand recommendation: Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a very famous women’s brand that specializes in various beautiful sexy underwear. Its line design is very fine and beautiful, which can meet the needs of different women.Victoria’s Secret has a variety of sexy lingerie styles and different line design. Whether it is a straight line, curve or wave type, there are many options.

8. Summary

Line design is an important part of sexy underwear. Good line design can highlight the beautiful body and sexy temperament of women.Different styles of line design are suitable for different women. Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, you need to choose the appropriate line design according to your body and personality.At the same time, brands are also factors that need to be considered when choosing sexy underwear. Large brands such as Victoria’s Secret can ensure the quality and design level of sexy underwear.