Sexy underwear model 2013

Sexy underwear model 2013

1 Introduction

Interest underwear has become a part of contemporary women’s fashion, which can not only increase the charm of women, but also help enhance their self -confidence.Today, let’s take a look at the new trend of the fun underwear industry in 2013.

2. Color

In 2013, the color of popular sexy underwear was black and red.Especially black, its universal advantages and fashion appearance make it popular.Red is more challenging. Many women show their sexy and charm by wearing red and sexy underwear.

3. fabric

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Like colors, the fabrics of sexy underwear in 2013 have become more colorful, including silk, nano fiber, Hawaii cloth, lace, etc.The use of these materials not only improves the practicality and durability of sexy underwear, but also thanks to the progress of new technologies.

4. Model

In 2013, the styles of sexy underwear are also diverse. Whether it is swimwear, triangular style, or corset, it is very popular.In addition, many sexy underwear designers use free and open design to attract the attention of young women.

5. Size

Although many clothing manufacturers still do not support multi -size sexy underwear, in 2013, many well -known brands have launched multi -size sexy underwear to meet the needs of women in different sizes.This provides consumers with more choices.

6. match

The wearing of sexy underwear should be perfectly matched with the outside dress.For example, through lace dresses, hook shirts or tulle jackets, etc., it can better show the sexy and charm of a woman.

7. Environmental protection

Although sexy underwear is not the most active industry in the field of environmental protection, in 2013, we saw some sexy underwear brands began to use environmentally friendly fabrics and production processes.The obligations and responsibilities related to these brands have indeed increased, and they pay more attention to environmental protection details and sustainability.

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8. Market

As people pay more attention to physical and health, the sexy underwear market is also changing quietly.Many innovative brands sell their sexy underwear through Weibo, e -commerce and other platforms, and at the same time, they also open physical stores.This is a booming industry, and consumers have many choices.

9. Celebrity effect

Finally, let’s talk about the influence of celebrity effects in the sex underwear industry.Many erotic underwear brands want to cooperate with celebrities to increase the brand awareness and sales volume.Therefore, many stars are selling these sexy underwear products to their fans.

10. Summary

2013 is an important period for the development of the sex underwear industry. There are more and more brands and richer styles.The future of this industry is still full of hope, and it will continue to bring more choices and opportunities to consumers.