Sexy underwear pregnancy

Sexy underwear pregnancy

Understand the relationship between love underwear and pregnancy

For women who love to wear sexy underwear, whether it can continue to wear it after pregnancy.In fact, you can wear fun underwear, but pay attention to some details.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

After pregnancy, women’s bodies have changed a lot.Therefore, when choosing sexy underwear, factors such as comfort, proper support, and soft material need to be considered, especially in the late pregnancy period, you need to choose suitable slices to protect your breasts from sagging.

Avoid too tight underwear

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After pregnancy, female breasts will become bigger and more sensitive.Therefore, tight underwear may limit blood flow, and opaque materials may also cause problems such as sweat and inflammation.

Pay attention to the selection of materials

Pregnant WOMEN Should Choose Soft and Breathable Materials When Selecting Lingerie, Such as Cotton Or Bamboo Fiber, to Prevent Fried IRRITATION CAUSED BY SYNTHETIC Fibers. Synthetic Materials Can Also Cauting and Odor, which is not consortucive to physical health.

It is necessary to support breasts

After pregnancy, the breast becomes larger and heavier, which will put pressure on the back and shoulders.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, the breast support must be considered.Choose a hinge or an open underwear to help the maternal sucking milk easily.

Don’t choose sexy underwear with wire

After pregnancy, you should not wear a sexy underwear with steel wire.The wire may squeeze the breast, affect the growth and development of the breast, and may also cause the wire to stab the skin.

Frequent underwear

Pregnant women should often change sexy underwear to keep hygiene and dry, while avoiding flu and other infectious diseases.

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Avoid wearing more sexy underwear

After pregnancy, women’s body will fever, and too many sexy underwear may cause excessive sweating.Choose a light and breathable sexy underwear and change it frequently.

Keep hygiene and dry

After pregnancy, women’s reproductive organs will be more likely to be infected than usual, so pay attention to breathability and material safety when choosing underwear.Take a bath and wash underwear every day to keep dry and hygienic.

in conclusion

There is no problem in wearing fun underwear during pregnancy. As long as you choose the correct underwear and change the frequency appropriately, it can help pregnant women maintain their body comfort and health.But if you have any discomfort or pain, you must consult your doctor’s advice as soon as possible.