Sexy underwear -related vocabulary English expression

Sexy underwear -related vocabulary English expression

Sexy underwear -related vocabulary English expression


With the rise of the Adult Industry, The Popularity of Sexy Lingerie or ‘SEX GROWN RAPIDL. WHETHER You’re IntertERESTED in Purchasing or Talking About Lin Gerie, a good understanding of the base vocabular in engine, We’ll Go Through Some of the Most Common Words and Phrases You Might Come Across in Regards to Lyingerie.

Types of lingerie

Knowing The Different Types of Lingerie Will Heelp You Unders Customer Needs or Identify Specific items that you’re interchasing. Here are a few populrr Types:

Bow Decor Lace Mesh Split Hem Babydoll With G-String – 16585


Panties -An UNDERGARENT Designed for Covering the Crotch and Buttocks.

Babydoll -a short nightgown often with a matching panty.

Bustier -A Form -Fitting Garment that extends from the business to the wait and is worn to push up the breaks.

Chemise -a short, loose -fitting nightgown.

Materials used in lingerie

Lyingerie can be made of various materials, each provident a unique feel and texture. Here are some exmples:

LACE -a Delicate Fabric OFTEN USED for Decorative Purposes.

Satin -A SMOOTH and Shiny Materials often Use for a Sleek Apperance.

Plus Tops

Cotton -A Soft Fabric OFTEN USED for Everyday Wear.

Mesh -A Light and Breathable Material often Use for a Sexy Look.

Leather -A Sturdy and PROVOCATIVE MATERIALAEN Use for Bondage Lingerie.

Cup styles and size

Choossing the Corre Cup Size is Important for Comfort and APPEARANCE. Here are the common cup styles and size:

A cup

B cup

C cup

D cup

E cup

F cup

G cup

H cup

Bra fastenings

Knowing The Different Types of Bra Fastenings Will Help You Identify the style and function of the bra:

Back Clasp -A Traditional Bra Clasp on the Back with Hooks and EYES.

FRONT CLASP -A Bra Clasp on the Front with Hooks and Eyes or A Snap Button.

Rear CLOSURE -A Bra Designed to Slip Over The HEAD Without ANY FATENINGS on the back.

T -back -A Bra with the Shoulder Strats Attached in the Center Back to Form a "T" shape.

Adornments and accessories

Lingerie can be adorad with various decorations and accesories:

Ribbons -Decorative Bows Attached to the Center of a Bra or Panties.


Garter Belt -An Accessory userd to high up stockings.

Fringe -Decorative Tassel Added for a Playful Look.

Colors and Patterns

Lingerie Can COME in a Variety of Colors and Patterns:

Black -timeless and classic.

Red -Fiery and SEDUCTIVE.

Pastel -Soft and Gentle.

Animal Print -Wildly Provocative.



Knowing The Proper Size is Important for a Comfortable and Flattering Fit. Size May Be Differenting Depending on the Brand, but some common measurements include:

BUST -The Fullest Part of the Breasts.

Wait -the narrowest part of the torso.

HIPS -The Fullest PART of The HIPS.

Chest -The Measurement Around the Ribs Directly Under the Breasts.

Washing and Care Instructions

Proper Washing and Care Will Extend the LifeSpan of Lingerie:

Hand Wash with Gentle Detergrated to Prevent Damage.

Hang Dry or Lay Flat to Prevent Shrinking or Stretching.

Avoid using bleach or fabric softener.

Read the Care Label Before Washing.

In conclusion

UNDERSTANDING. Basics of Lingerie Vocabular in English Can Provel A Helpful Foundation for Both Purchasing and Converset Lyingerie. IE Types, Materials, Adornments, Size, and Care, You’ll Be Able to Better Serve Customers Or MakesPurchasing your own lingerie.