Sexy underwear sells goods sources

Sexy underwear sells goods sources

Several options of sexy underwear on behalf of the source of goods

As a sexual underwear agent, supply is a very critical issue.Without good sources, it is impossible to provide customers with high -quality products, nor can they get higher profit returns.So, how to choose the appropriate sexy underwear to sell the goods on behalf of?The following will introduce several options.

First -hand agent

The first -hand agent refers to the sexual manufacturer or brand’s own agent.Through cooperation with the first -hand agent, sexy underwear agent can obtain the first -hand sources of sales, with reliable quality and high profits.However, the requirements of first -hand agents are also high, and agent needs a certain strength and reputation.In addition, choosing a one -handed agent requires long -term cooperation, and agent needs more energy to communicate and cooperate with the agent.

Second -hand wholesaler

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If the scale of the agent is small or qualified to cooperate with the first -hand agent, you can choose a second -hand wholesaler.Second -hand wholesalers refer to wholesalers who directly purchase sexy underwear from first -hand agents or manufacturers.Although the price of second -hand wholesalers is low, the quality and authenticity of the supply need to be carefully identified.In addition, agent needs to deal with issues such as logistics and inventory.

Independent purchase inventory

For sexual underwear sales vendors with large scale and sufficient funds and logistics capabilities, you can choose to purchase inventory.This method can get lower prices, and at the same time, you can master the quality and type of sex underwear.However, independent procurement needs to consider inventory risk, capital occupation and sales cycle.


In addition to directly obtaining the source, agent can also choose to join the sex underwear agency platform.The agency sales platform usually provides services such as supply, logistics, after -sales and data analysis, which is convenient for the operation and management of the salesperson.However, the agency platform will also receive a certain commission, and the profit of the agent will be affected.

Source selection of domestic and foreign brands

In addition to the choice of supply, agent also needs to consider the brand type of agency sales.The supply and risks of domestic brands and foreign brands are also different.

Domestic brands

For domestic brands, you can choose an official agent or dealer as the supply channel.The supply of domestic brands is usually stable and has sufficient inventory, suitable for agents for the first time.However, domestic brands need to be improved in terms of quality and word of mouth.


Foreign brands

The supply of foreign brands can be carried out by overseas purchasing and cross -border e -commerce.Compared with the supply of domestic brands, the quality and reputation of foreign brands are more suitable for agents to operate in high -end markets.However, the prices of foreign brands are generally higher, and logistics and trade risks are also large.

Brand crowdfunding

If the agent wants to get more brand choices and profit returns, you can consider participating in brand crowdfunding.Brand crowdfunding refers to the gathering of investors in the crowdfunding platform to collect funds for the brand, and agents can get higher profits.However, brand crowdfunding also needs to carefully screen platforms and brands to prevent potential risks.

Quality guarantee for supply

Regardless of what channels are selected, consignors need to consider the quality guarantee of the source.The following are the points that need to be paid attention to:

Power quality testing

The quality test of the supply requires the authenticity and quality of the source.Agent needs to build a corresponding quality inspection system to prevent the risk of fakes or sub -products.

After -sales service guarantee

After -sales service guarantee is also a problem that agent needs to consider.The agent needs to negotiate with the source provider and establish a after -sales service mechanism to ensure the customer’s rights and interests.


The agent needs to negotiate with the supply provider to establish a logistics distribution mechanism to make the storage, outbound, distribution, return and exchange and other links smooth.


Source is one of the key to the success of sexy underwear agent.The agent needs to fully consider the choice of various sources, and establish a sound quality guarantee and after -sales service mechanism in order to obtain more business and profits in the market.