Sexy underwear trial after returning goods

Sexy underwear trial after returning goods

The problem of sexy underwear trial

As a sexy underwear expert, I know the importance of choosing the right size.When shopping online, the choice of size is particularly important, because there are not many opportunities for trying on.Many people will encounter the case that is not appropriate after trying to try on sexy underwear during online shopping. Next, I will introduce some methods to avoid this situation as much as possible.

Know your body size

Before starting online shopping, it is best to measure your physical data to understand your body size.For example, bust, waist circumference, buttocks, etc., so that the size can be selected more accurately when shopping.

Attach importance to brand size standards

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There are certain differences in size standards of different brands, and the same size may be different in the sexy underwear of different brands.When buying, it is best to check the brand’s size standard, carefully measure your physical data, and then compare the choice.

Pay attention to the choice of material

Material is also a aspect of paying attention when choosing sexy underwear.The sexy lingerie of different materials is different, and the suitable occasions are different.When buying, choose carefully according to your needs to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and waste.

Know the product evaluation before online shopping

Before online shopping, it is also an important step to understand the evaluation of products.By reading the evaluation of other buyers, you can better understand the characteristics of the sexy underwear and wear feelings, and choose the appropriate size accurately.

Try to choose elastic underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, it is best to choose some elastic styles.This can not only reduce the error rate of the size selection as much as possible, but also better fit the figure and improve the comfort of wearing.

Reduce the number of trials and time

When selecting the size, it is best to choose according to your physical data and the size of the brand to reduce the number and time of trial penetration as much as possible.Because the elasticity of the underwear will change with time, this will affect the effect of trying penetration.

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Choose to be replaceable brands or merchants

Even if we follow all kinds of rules as much as possible, the sexy underwear that is finally selected may still be inappropriate. At this time, it is particularly important to choose a replaceable brand or merchant.When buying online, it is best to choose a brand or merchant that provides refunds and replacement services, so that you can try and adjust it better without affecting your own interests.


The above are some suggestions on how to reduce the return rate.When selecting the size, you need to understand the size of your body and brand, avoid excessive trials and time, and select the material and style to reduce the size selection error rate.At the same time, try to choose replaceable brands or businesses when buying online to reduce the trouble of replacement.I hope these tips can help everyone when buying sexy underwear online.


Although we follow various rules when buying sexy underwear, wearing sexy underwear is still a subjective feeling.Therefore, even if you buy a completely correct sexy underwear, you may not be able to fully fit your body.People should recognize this, cherish the feelings of wearing sexy underwear, find the most suitable underwear, and live a better life.