Sexy underwear True Video Tutorial

Sexy underwear True Video Tutorial

Sexy underwear True Video Tutorial

1. The wearable of the basic style

First of all, the sexy underwear of the basic style is very easy to wear, usually consisting of tops and lower skirts.Put your shirt on your body to ensure that your chest and shoulders are arranged properly.Next, wear a skirt and adjust it to the right position.

2. Beach style wear

The beach -style sexy underwear is usually composed of a swimsuit and supporting tulle skirt.When wearing, put on a swimsuit first, and then cover the tulle skirt.Tied it on the waist or back and adjust to the appropriate position.

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3. Stockings style

Stockings style sexy underwear is usually composed of conjoined stockings, tops or underwear.When wearing, put on a conjoined stockings, and then pull the jacket or underwear to your body.Make sure to adjust to the right position and make stockings close to the legs.

4. Wearing a maid dress

The wearable of the maid needs special attention to details. This kind of sexy underwear is usually composed of jackets, lace apron, stockings and gloves.First put on the top, then tie the lace apron, and adjust to the right position.Then put on stockings and gloves to complete the wear.

5. Sexy and charming wear

Sexy and charming erotic underwear is usually composed of lace and net -eye tops and supporting thongs.When wearing, first wear the shirt to the right position, then wear thongs and adjust it to a comfortable position.

6. Zipper -style wear

Zipper -style sexy underwear is usually composed of top stockings with coats or masks and supporting sizes.First wear the shirt to your body, and then pull it on the zipper.Finally wear stockings, make sure the size is suitable.

7. Characteristic style wearable


Different characteristics of dressing are different. You need to wear according to the design of specific erotic underwear.For example, some erotic underwear contains conjoined bands, leather accessories, etc., and you need to wear it in a specific way to achieve the best effect.

8. Understand the importance of size

When buying sexy underwear, understanding the importance of the size cannot be ignored.Different brands and different styles of sexy underwear may be different in size, so you must carefully confirm your size when buying to avoid inappropriate sizes.

9. Choose a style and material that suits you

In addition to the size, it is also important to choose the style and material that suits you.Different materials will bring different feelings, and different styles will have different effects visually.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, you need to consider your preferences and feelings carefully, and choose the suitable style and material.

10. Sexy comes from self -confidence

In the end, it is important to emphasize that the wearables of sexy underwear are inseparable from confidence.Any underwear requires confident inner and attitude to support its beauty.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, we must maintain a confident and comfortable state in order to truly show its sexy beauty.

in conclusion:

When wearing the right lingerie, walking on the street will also become the "sexy goddess" in the eyes of passers -by.Whether it is charming or gentle or gentle, wearing a sexy underwear that suits you will make women emit unprecedented self -confidence and charm.