Shuqi early sexy underwear fashion show

Shuqi early sexy underwear fashion show

Shuqi early sexy underwear fashion show

Background introduction

Shu Qi is a brand dedicated to the design and sales of sexy underwear. In recent years, it has gradually become popular in the domestic market.In the early days of his founding, Shu Qi hosted an early sexy underwear fashion show, setting off a new fashion trend.


The theme of the fashion show revolves around "sexy, wild, absurd, and artistic", incorporating Shuqi’s unique underwear design style, which is favored by consumers.

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Venue layout

The special lighting effect is arranged on the stage, and the twisted alien devices are arranged, adding a sense of mystery and wildness to the entire fashion show.When the models walked through the special curtain, it seemed to enter a different world.

Fashion Design

Shu Qi’s erotic underwear focuses on personalization and creativity in design. The design of fashion show clothing is colorful, full of strong personality style, showing women’s charm and self -confidence.From a casual hooded shirt to sexy lace coats, Shu Qi’s style is rich and diverse, which meets the needs of different women.


Shu Qi’s sexy underwear is not only aimed at specific women.The models on the fashion show have different figures and appearances, but they can wear sex underwear out of their personal style.The beauty and hairstyles tailored by Shu Qi for each model not only emphasized their personality charm, but also highlighted the magnificence and sexy of sexy underwear.

Music background

Because Shu Qi’s sexy underwear involves sexy and private relationships, its background music choices are also quite distinctive.In the fashion show, music is mainly based on electronic music, and the rhythm is jumping rapidly and seeing very dynamic.At the same time, this music uses a more exotic sound effect, like a continuous converting psychological consciousness scene. This consciousness scene is a unique sounding sound effect that enables the physical and mental of the audience and the model to experience it in all aspectsSexy charm brought by sexy underwear.


Oil Shine

Although sexy underwear is a private field, its development in the fashion field is very trendy.On the fashion show, bright colors such as red, purple, and pink are the main colors selected by Shu Qi. Color elements such as green, yellow, and blue are embellished in various types of clothing, making various types of clothing brighter.This is more fashionable than the low -key and simple tone of erotic underwear in the past.

Innovative characteristics

In terms of detail design, the fun underwear brand Shu Qi is very particular about experienced innovation characteristics.In this fashion show, some clothing such as lace, vests use a cold camisole design, which is unique.In addition, some fabrics also use the latest high -tech fabrics such as ventilation mesh. The quality is better and more high -end atmospheric.

Market response

The market response from the fashion show is very good, and Shu Qi’s brand awareness has also increased.More and more consumers have begun to pay attention to this brand, and the more extreme lovers have begun to pay for Shu Qi’s sexy lingerie.


In the founding of the fun underwear brand launched in the early days, Shu Qi paid attention to personality and creativity from design to sales, which also won many loyal fans.The early sexy underwear fashion show fully showed the style of Shuqi brand and was loved by consumers.