Some novels describing sexy underwear

Some novels describing sexy underwear


Interest underwear is part of modern culture. It can add the mystery and passion of love and become the favorite and used items that many couples love and use.Many novels have a plot that depicts and uses sexy underwear. The following lists are listed.

Black erotic underwear in "Color, Ring"

In Jin Yong’s novel "Color, Ring", the partner of the heroine of the novel is all black sex underwear. This shape is simple but bold, adding a lot to the plot.

Lace erotic underwear in "Deadly Women’s Heart"

Lace Teddy Bodysuit With Fishnet Stockings – Y195

In the novel "Deadly Women’s Heart", the heroine Mary was dressed as a accompanying girl in order to investigate a murder case. At this time, she wore a set of lace -up underwear, which attracted the attention of the actor.This style of sexy underwear reveals a sexy and noble temperament.

The leather sex lingerie in "Thousands of Gold"

In the novel "The New Year’s Eve", the heroine wore a black leather sexy underwear at a sex party, full of rebellion and sexy.This style is suitable for couples who want to try to explore new feelings.

Three -point erotic underwear in "Spicy Wife Carnival"

In the novel "Spicy Wife Carnival", the heroine put on a set of black three -point erotic underwear at the meeting of friends. Through interaction with the actor in the party, many passions were added.Three -point sexy underwear often has only three parts, which can perfectly show women’s figure.

The suspender sexy underwear in "Charlotte Trouble"

In the movie "Charlotte’s Trouble", the heroine wore a purple suspender sexy underwear, showing the contradictions of emotion to the fullest.The design of the suspender can perfectly adjust the size of the chest, soft and comfortable.

Stockings in "Spring Night"

In Lu Xun’s novel "Spring Night Pleasant Rain", the heroine wore black stockings to show her beauty.The gloss and texture of stockings can make people feel unique sexy beauty.

Sexy Costumes

Embroidered shoes in "Dream of Red Mansions"

"Dream of Red Mansions" is a classic in Chinese literature. Many of the female characters in the novels like to wear embroidered shoes. The design of this shoe is rich and often regarded as a more traditional sexy underwear accessories.

The transparent erotic underwear in "The Dream of Girls"

"The Dream of Girls" is a Japanese comic. The characters often wear transparent sexy underwear. This style of sexy underwear reveals a shy temperament that can add a lot of sweetness.

Lotus step in "Fengshen Romance"

In the novel "Fengshen Romance", the heroine’s lotus step is called "walking in the lotus step", and the bottom is often equipped with a variety of texture colors, which is considered a more old -fashioned underwear.

Lan cloth shirt in "Chronicle of the Spirit"

In the novel "The Chronicle of the Spirit", the actor often wore a linen shirt. This style of underwear gives people a healthy and clean feeling, highlighting the confidence and maturity of men.


Interest underwear is not only a beautiful decoration, but also an important way to enhance the emotions between the two sexes.Through the matching of sexy underwear, the emotion can become more subtle and profound, increase the amount of sexy underwear, and make the husband and wife live more harmonious.