South Korean anchor Ji Susu Intellectual Underwear

South Korean anchor Ji Susu Intellectual Underwear

South Korean anchor Ji Susu Intellectual Underwear


South Korean anchor Ji Su has always been known for being sexy, and her sexy underwear has attracted much attention.Let’s explore Ji Su’s sexy underwear style, choice and matching.


Ji Su’s sexy underwear style is mainly simple, fresh, and sweet.She often chooses a solid or elegant print style, with simple lines and design, but there are some more radical styles, such as strap design and perspective style.

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Ji Su likes to choose comfortable and breathable fabrics, such as cotton and silk.She also pays great attention to quality and workmanship, and chooses high -quality sexy underwear brands, such as Cartelina and Chantelce.In addition, the South Korea she lives is also a world’s sexy underwear, and she can naturally choose to go to the world’s best sexy underwear brand.

Matching skills

Ji Su’s matching skills are very simple. She usually chooses solid color, fresh sexy underwear, and matches skirts, jeans, etc. with the same color or similar color system.She will choose suitable styles based on her figure and style to highlight her advantages and hidden shortcomings.


Ji Su’s occasion is very colorful. She can wear fresh sexy underwear at home with her family and friends.In public places, she will be paired with simple and decent clothes and shoes, and even if she exposes a little erotic underwear, it will not bring discomfort.

Prominent details

Ji Su’s sexy underwear is very particular about the details, both styles and fabrics are carefully selected.Her sexy underwear usually has small lace or detail patterns to increase vividness.In addition, she likes to match small accessories such as stockings and lace gloves, making the whole image more perfect and interesting.

Sanitary maintenance

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Ji Su pays attention to hygiene and maintenance.Every time she wore a sexy underwear, she was cleaned and disinfected immediately to maintain hygiene and durability.She will also choose the right detergent to avoid the damage and losing the original color and luster.

Recommended Brand

In addition to high -quality brands such as Cartelina and Chanylez, Ji Su also recommended some other brands, including Vitabella, Diane, Lise Charmel, Wolford, Hanky Panky, La Perla, etc.

in conclusion

As a sexy anchor, Ji Su’s sexy underwear style is simple and fresh. Choose high -quality fabrics and brands, pay attention to details and sanitary maintenance.Her matching skills are simple and decent, and they are very suitable for wearing different occasions.If you want to learn Ji Su’s sexy underwear matching skills, you can start with her style, choice, matching, occasion, details, and hygiene maintenance. I hope you can also become an expert in sexy underwear like Ji Su.