Split sexy underwear

Split sexy underwear

Split sex underwear: the diverse charm of sex with sex

The split sex underwear is an alternative underwear. It creates a tempting effect with the design of the crotch part or opening seam.This underwear is suitable for sex games, but also has a sense of fashion and aesthetic value, and is loved and sought after by more and more women.This article will deeply explore the diverse charm of spoils and lingerie, and presented you in terms of styles, materials, brands, and matching.

1. Overview of split sex lingerie

The split sex underwear, as the name implies, is a kind of underwear that opens or sews on the crotch.The design of this underwear is very bold and alternative. It not only meets the needs of fun and fun, but also sets off an important form and trend of female underwear abstract art and leading fashion trends.

2. Style of split sex underwear

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There are many styles of split sex underwear, mainly including:

1. Spontaneous T -shaped pants: This underwear opens a triangular hole in the crotch, shaped like a letter T.T -type pants are suitable for women who like sexy and fitness. Lace and mesh are commonly used.

2. Spoke G pants: There is a small mouth in the central part of this underwear, similar to G-String pants.G pants are suitable for women who like to show hips in the process of sex. Silk, lace and leather are commonly used.

3. Speed wide -leg pants: There are two long cracks on the side of this underwear, which can expose the side of the thigh, shaped like loose shorts.Wide -leg pants are suitable for women who like comfortable and fashionable styles. Cotton and silk are commonly used materials.

3. Material of split sex underwear

The material of split sex underwear is very important because different materials can create different effects.Common materials are:

1. Silk: Silk is smooth and soft. Wearing it on the body will give people a noble and generous feeling.The higher price of silk limits its scope of use, but I believe it will definitely win the favorite of many women.

2. Lace: The split sexy underwear of lace is the most common.The transparent and lace design of lace can create a romantic and elegant feeling.Many women like lace -made underwear because it can satisfy their desire for holidays and nostalgia.

3. Leather: Leather is a very sexy and wild material, and the use of split sex underwear is also very unique.The price of leather is relatively high, but there are many imitation leather products on the market, and the price is more affordable.Leather underwear is suitable for women and fashion.

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4. Brand of split sex underwear

The brands of split sex underwear are also very important.Today, many well -known brands in the market have launched their own split sex lingerie series, including:

1. Victoria’s Secret: Victoria’s Mid -splitter’s underwear series is very popular. Its exquisite design and high -quality materials are its biggest selling points.

2. Drainian: The brands of the bras are also one of the representative brands of split underwear.Its split underwear series is based on lace and lace, creating a sexy and elegant feeling.

3. Solid girl: The color girl is a brand that specializes in spoils for spoils on the Internet. The design style is very bold and avant -garde.


The combination of split sex underwear is also very important.Improper matching will make the entire shape lose beauty and beauty.Common ways of matching are:

1. velvet sleeping robe: The velvet bed robe is both warm and textured, and the sexy contrast with the split sex lingerie is a pleasant contrast.

2. Type short skirt: The tulle skirt can increase the elegant sense of opening the fork -to -open sex underwear, and it can also make you the focus of party or dinner.

3. Leather pants: Leather pants are sexy and avant -garde options that allow you to wear more sexy on formal occasions.

6. Maintenance of split sex underwear

Specifies require special maintenance because they are usually made of high -end materials.The correct maintenance method includes:

1. Hand washing: Spoiler sex underwear requires hand washing, because machine washing may cause soft materials to lose elasticity.

2. Use warm water: Wash the fork sexy underwear with warm water, the temperature should not be too high.

3. Turn it over and dry: After turning the underwear, dry it to avoid the sun exposure to make the material decay yellow.

7. Precautions for split sexy underwear

You need to pay attention to the following points when buying or wearing a split sex underwear:

1. Size is appropriate: unique split sex underwear design, inappropriate size will affect its effect and wear comfort.

2. Keep dry: split sex underwear should not be stored in a humid or hot place for a long time.

3. Low -temperature storage: Put the split sex underwear in a cool, dry, and ventilated place. Do not wash it with colored clothes to avoid high temperature and high pressure.

8. Speak sex underwear is a way to express freedom and personality

The split sex lingerie reflects a free, personality and avant -garde attitude, which has the characteristics of high personalization and high quality.This underwear is not only a sense of sensory experience, but also a declaration of women’s consciousness.Passion and art are intertwined here, forming an unspeakable charm.