Super exposure of affectionate underwear astringent


Sex underwear has always been a representative of sexy and fashionable, and super -looser underwear is even more eye -catching.Although it is nothing new, it is still loved by women.

Pay in detail what is "super dew"

Super exposure means that the wearing of sexy underwear will show more body parts.Not only limited to the chest, but also the chest, hip and other parts.Many erotic underwear designers pay attention to reflecting the sexy charm of women, while exposing the skin through a large area, creating a sexy atmosphere.

The more exposure, the higher the degree of sexy?

On the surface, women wearing super -exposed underwear are obviously more sexy.However, we can’t ignore some people’s different understanding of sexy levels. Some people may think that super dew wearing will appear very vulgar, not elegant enough, but reduce the charm of women.

Applicable occasions of super -dewer underwear

Super -dewed underwear is not suitable for wearing on all occasions.It seems not suitable for daily occasions such as shopping, work, etc.; but in some parties, nightclubs and fun -exclusive occasions, super -exposed underwear is very decent, and it can also make you stand out in the crowd.

How to wear super -exposure underwear

It requires a certain skills to wear super -exposed underwear.First of all, we must accurately grasp the occasions of wearing, and then according to the characteristics of your body and temperament, choose the appropriate super -exposed style, and to control your own dress with confidence to achieve a beautiful effect.

How to match the super -exposed autumn underwear

The wearing of super -dewen underwear also needs to be matched.You can choose a sexy short skirt or tight pants to highlight the devil figure.If you want to achieve excellent results, you can match high heels or boots, which can often create an unspeakable sexy temperament.

Common super -exposed and fun lingerie styles

The style of super -dewed lingerie is also different.In addition, there are swimwear, lace perspective vests, transparent tulle and so on.

How to choose a super -looser underwear that suits you

When novices choose super -exposed underwear, do not just follow the recommendation of the clerk, because their purpose is to sell more products.At this time, choose the right style according to your body and preferences, try to penetrate as many styles as much as possible, and choose the style that is more suitable for you.

How to maintain super -exposure underwear

Ultra -dewer underwear needs to pay special attention to maintenance. It is recommended to use hand washing or adopting professional laundry bags for machine washing.In addition, when wearing ultra -exposure underwear, pay attention to avoid friction with other clothing, and prevent twists and creases when collecting peace.


Ultra -dewed underwear is also a unique fashion experience. With its bold and avant -garde design style, it has attracted the attention of many women.Pay attention to the occasion when wearing, choose the style that suits you, pay attention to maintenance details, and show self -confidence and sexy charm to achieve the best results.

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