Taking a sexy licking

Note: This article aims to explore sexy underwear and sex skills, suitable for adults to read.

Taking a sexy licking

From a biological perspective, human nipples are very unique in mammals.In fact, the only purpose of human nipples is not breastfeeding, but the joy of sexual relationships.Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the related skills and sexual skills of licking the romantic liquor.


Before sex, the long -term flirting process made the other party feel comfortable and relaxed.In this process, you can gently pat the opponent’s body, especially near the nipples.This can gradually evoke the excitement of each other and make them more relaxed in further intimate contact.

Use saliva

When you lick your nipples, use saliva as much as possible.Vocal water can increase irritation, reduce discomfort, and help reduce pain.You can spit the saliva on the nipple when licking the nipple.

Grasp the rhythm

When licking the nipples, be sure to master the rhythm.At the beginning, you can gently suck and lick your nipples, and then gradually strengthen it.Pay attention to the adjustment of strength and pay attention to the opponent’s reaction.If the other party shows signs of discomfort, suspend or reduce the intensity.

Use your hands

When licking the nipple, with the help of another hand, you can feel the other party more pleasure.You can gently massage your breasts, or stimulate the area around the nipple with your fingers to improve sexual stimulation.This can further strengthen the opponent’s sexual pleasure and make the entire experience more pleasant.

Different posture

Try different postures to see which one is most suitable for you and partners.For example, sitting in a chair lick your nipple, or use a side posture in the bedroom.This sexual skills can highlight your advantages and improve sexual pleasure.

Pay attention to the tone

Be careful when using saliva.You can use gum or mouthwash to solve this problem.Keeping a fresh breath can increase the comfort of the other party and better enjoy in sex.

Try to use sexy sheets

For the lovers of sexy underwear, using sex underwear is a very effective way to enhance sexual experience.In the process of flirting, if you can use sexy sexy underwear, it will more easily evoke the excitement of the other party.Using the appropriate sexy underwear, you can raise the experience of licking the nipples of the sexy liquor to a new height.

Gradual upgrade

Finally, remember to gradually upgrade the entire process.At the beginning, it was soft, and then slowly strengthened until it reached the greatest excitement.At the same time, pay attention to the opponent’s response, and do not use excessive stimuli means to avoid damage.

in conclusion

Licking in sexy licking is a interesting way to sex.By using the above -mentioned sex skills, you can help you get more fun in sex.Remember, the key is to respect the other party and convey your love and care to the other party.

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