Tan Xiaotong wearing a sexy container

Tan Xiaotong’s sexy underwear

Tan Xiaotong is a sexy and charming woman. She often wears various types of sexy underwear to show herself.Let’s take a look at which style of sexy underwear she passed through!

Sexy lace jacket

Lace underwear is one of the most popular types of sexy underwear, and Tan Xiaotong also shows himself without reservation in this regard.Sexy lace styles usually include deep V -neck, back design and high -waisted pants. These designs can well highlight women’s figure and lines, which are more eye -catching.

Tulle perspective underwear

If you want to get rid of sexy constraints, then a tulle seeing underwear is more suitable for you.Tan Xiaotong will inevitably know this chapter because she is often wearing tulle underwear.The most common colors of perspective underwear are black or white, have a transparent or near -transparent effect, and wearing excellent results on some less formal occasions.

Bonded underwear

Tan Xiaotong also showed her bold side, she wore a variety of types of restrained sexy underwear.These styles of design can allow you to pursue a certain sense of pain and restraint, and at the same time, it also adds a stimulus pleasure.Bonded underwear usually has a bandage or metal ring design.

Metal chain underwear

Metal chain underwear is a relatively unusual sexy underwear.Tan Xiaotong’s appearance in a metal chain -style sexy underwear must be amazed, because the design of this style is very private and quite exciting.In addition, metal chain underwear is also a underwear style that is very suitable for showing its figure.

Belly pocket underwear

Tan Xiaotong also wore a bellyband -style sexy underwear.This is a very precious sexy underwear because it has a very private effect.The bellyband underwear is usually only covered with breasts, which is very suitable for directly wearing a sexy body.However, due to its special nature, bellyband underwear is usually unable to wear in public.

Transparent plastic underwear

If you want to show your body, then transparent plastic materials will be your good choice.This sexy underwear can fully show your body lines and highlight your sexual characteristics.And Tan Xiaotong often wears transparent plastic underwear to show himself.

Black leather underwear

Tan Xiaotong also showed her other side, and she was wearing a sexy underwear like leather.This style is usually made of leather or synthetic materials, which can significantly highlight your figure and also have obvious sexy qualities.However, this kind of sexy underwear is not suitable for wearing in summer, because the tight leather is very easy to make people feel sullen.

Bud socks set underwear

Lei Socks are one of the styles of Tan Xiaotong showing their own styles. This sexy underwear is usually made of lace material, which can be easily matched with any clothes.In addition, lacestock suits usually have a transparent or translucent effect, which can show your body lines.However, this design requires you to have some self -confidence and courage to wear it.

Pink gauze underwear

Pink gauze underwear is a very soft and comfortable sexy underwear.When Tan Xiaotong wore this style of underwear, he was very gentle and sexy.This sexy underwear is made of gauze or satin, which can reflect your femininity and make you feel comfortable and comfortable.


Interest underwear is a very personal choice, but it allows you to get rid of your anxiety about your appearance, shape your own physical image, and show your sexy charm.No matter what style of sexy underwear, the most important thing is that you must confident your body and pursue the effect you want with a confident attitude.

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