Taobao sex lingerie a lot

Taobao sex lingerie a lot

Buying sexy underwear on Taobao has become a choice for many people.There are many different types of sexy underwear on Taobao, which is dazzling.How to find a sexy underwear that suits you in many choices?This article will analyze from the aspects of styles, materials, colors, etc. to help everyone choose the right sexy underwear.

1. Sexy underwear of different styles

There are many sexy lingerie styles, including various designs such as split, hollow, and mesh. Different styles are suitable for different occasions and physical body.For example, split underwear is suitable for sex parties or private occasions, while hollow or mesh design can create seductive visual effects and attract attention.However, it should be noted that you must try it on when buying to ensure your own style.

2. The effect of material on the skin

When buying sexy underwear, materials are one of the very important considerations.Material comfort is directly related to the experience of wearing.Common underwear materials include silk, cotton, fiber, etc.For people with sensitive skin, they need to choose comfortable and soft underwear, such as sexy underwear made with cotton or silk fabrics to avoid skin allergies.

3. Choose different colors on different occasions

In terms of selecting colors, you need to choose according to different occasions.For example, for private places, black, red, purple and other colors are considered very sexy and seductive.However, for some forms of formal occasions, such as weddings, white or light -colored sexy underwear may be more suitable.

4. Whether to see sexy underwear

When choosing a see -through sex underwear, you need to consider actual wear.If you are only worn in private places, you can choose a more bold and perspective sexy underwear; but if you want to wear to public, you need to pay attention to the color and transparency to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

5. Size of underwear

Selection of the size of sexy underwear is a very important point. When buying, you need to ensure that the size is appropriate.Before buying, you need to measure your bust, hips, belly fences and other data, and combine the size of each brand to select the size.Excessive or too large size will affect the comfort and sexy level of wearing.

6. The choice of underwear suits

The underwear suite is a combination suit composed of multiple accessories, which generally include bra, underwear, strap, etc.When buying underwear suits, you need to consider the color, style and size of the whole set to ensure that the whole set can be coordinated.In addition, some sets are equipped with special details such as stockings, and you need to choose carefully.

7. Washing of underwear

The problem of underwear cleaning is one of the issues that need to be paid attention to.The materials used in sexy underwear are generally tender. You need to clean it with special underwear washing solution. You cannot use the washing machine directly like ordinary clothes to avoid destroying the materials. High -temperature and high -speed stirring can easily lead to the deformation of sexy underwear.

8. Tips: Choose high -quality brands

It is very important to choose the sexy underwear of high -quality brands on Taobao, ensuring the comfort, quality and production process of underwear.Some famous brands such as Triumph and Agent Provocateur are good choices for buying sexy underwear.


Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can help improve self -confidence, enhance attractiveness, and increase interest.When buying, you need to consider the style, materials, color, size, and cleaning problems. Choose a sexy underwear that suits you to exude a charming temperament and sexy charm when wearing.

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