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1. Taobao sex underwear: brand selection

To buy sexy underwear on Taobao, brand choice is very important.Some well -known brands such as Playboy, Lianye Show, and Konlu also have shops on Taobao. These brands are more secure than other businesses.In addition, you can also judge the quality of merchants by viewing evaluation and consulting customer service.

2. Taobao sex underwear: material selection

The choice of sexy underwear materials is not only directly related to comfort, but also related to the service life of underwear.Some high -quality materials such as lace, cotton, velvet, etc. will be more comfortable, but the price will increase accordingly.When selecting the material, you can consider your actual situation and the use of underwear.

3. Taobao sex underwear: style selection

There are many styles of sexy underwear, such as low -cut camisrets, hollow lace, opening jumpsuits, etc. Consumers can choose the style that suits them.If it is the first time you try sexy underwear, it is recommended to choose a larger style of cups to better show your figure.

4. Taobao sex underwear: color selection

The color of sexy underwear will also affect the entire effect, and different colors can show different temperament.Some types such as red and black are more classic colors, and they can also be selected according to their preferences.

5. Taobao sex underwear: size selection

If the size is not selected properly, the effect of sexy underwear will be greatly reduced.Therefore, you need to measure your physical data in advance and select the appropriate size.Note that the size of different brands may be different, and it is necessary to compare the size tables of many stores to determine the appropriate size.

6. Taobao sex underwear: precautions before buying

You need to pay attention to some details before buying, such as carefully checking the product description, paying attention to the policy of refunding, and checking the product pictures carefully.If you have other questions, you can communicate with customer service or online consultation on Taobao.

7. Taobao sex underwear: maintenance after purchase

After buying, the maintenance of sexy underwear is also important.It is recommended to wash it in low temperature water, do not use washing machines or scrubbing.In addition, avoid being exposed to sunlight and friction with other clothes, which can extend the life of the underwear.

8. Taobao sex underwear: how to match

In addition to wearing sexy underwear alone, you can also perform a variety of matching methods.For example, you can wear underwear suits, with long socks or high heels, which can make the whole dress more attractive.

9. Taobao erotic underwear: wearing options on different occasions

There are many things in sex underwear, and you can choose different erotic underwear according to your needs.For example, you can choose a style suitable for home wearing, or you can choose the style that is suitable for dating, and so on.When choosing to wear, you can consider your own occasion and purpose.

10. Taobao sex underwear: point of view

When choosing sexy underwear, you must not only pay attention to the price of style, but also consider the quality and comfort of underwear.If you choose improperly, it will affect your health and the overall effect.Therefore, we should carefully study before buying and compare the products of multiple shops in order to buy a high -quality sexy underwear.

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