Taobao sex lingerie selling words

Initial underwear

As a sexy utensils, sexy underwear has many different types and styles.Whether you want to add love in a romantic night or find a new way of stimulus, sexy underwear can provide you with different choices.

Exquisite lace

As a common element of sexy underwear, exquisite lace can bring you more sexy dressing feelings.Different shapes, colors, and lace of fabrics will lead to a completely different effect.

Transparent material

Transparent material is another important element in sexy underwear.This material usually has a soft texture, which can visually enhance the nude effect, and it is also a weapon that increases sexy.

Tight design

The tight design is another feature of many sexy underwear.This design can be closely attached to the body curve, making the figure more prominent, and the smooth fabric also increases the feeling of personal comfort.

Open design

Compared with the tight design is an open design.These underwear can be opened in a certain area, making the exposed part more prominent.This design makes some parts of the body more tempting and sexy.

Multi -functional design

In addition to a single type, there are many erotic underwear that have multiple uses.For example, mask underwear is suitable for increasing the atmosphere, but also as daily decorations.

Different styles of underwear

Different underwear styles can bring different style feelings.For example, Japanese underwear is usually fresh and cute, while European underwear is more oriented to a sense of noble and elegant.

The combination of sexy underwear and toys

There are many different choices for toys used with sexy underwear.Handcuffs, shooting tools, etc. are common choices. They can help increase emotions and make your sex life more intense.

Private custom

Some sexy underwear merchants also provide private customized services. You can customize sex underwear that meets your personality according to your preferences and figures, to better release yourself and enjoy the fun of sex.


You should have a certain understanding of sexy underwear through the above content.Whether you have a romantic night at home or looking for new sexual stimuli, sexy underwear is a good choice.However, it should be noted that when buying sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to comfort, materials and functions. Do not pursue beauty and damage your health.

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