Taobao sex underwear is too slow

Questions raised

As one of the largest e -commerce platforms in China, Taobao is one of the key categories, but the speed of review is very dissatisfied.

Taobao’s viewing speed is slow

Selling sexy underwear on Taobao needs to be reviewed, but recently it is found that the review time is getting slower and slower, and it even needs to wait for a few days to get on the shelf.

Affect sales efficiency

On the one hand, the tedious review process ensures the quality of Taobao’s products, and on the other hand, it greatly slows down the sales efficiency of merchants.

Time of sexy underwear category

Interests of underwear are cumbersome, and various factors such as size, style, fabrics need to be reviewed, making the entire review process very complicated and long.

Process can be optimized

At present, Taobao’s sex underwear review process does not adopt the intelligent audit system, and can only be approved by manual review.The combination of picture recognition and manual review can be combined to automate the review process and improve efficiency.

Improve quality and efficiency

By optimizing the audit process, Taobao can not only improve the efficiency of the audit, but also improve the quality of the audit, greatly reduce the frequency of false advertisements, and ensure the interests of consumers.

Strengthen standardized management

In addition to optimizing the audit process, it can also strengthen the standardized management of stores, reduce the probability of false publicity and fakes, and fundamentally protect consumers’ interests.

Strengthen consumer education

Consumers lack knowledge in the fields of sexy underwear and are easily misleading by false advertisements.Taobao can strengthen education and propaganda and raise consumers’ awareness of self -prevention.

Optimized classification management

For the cumbersome sexy underwear, Taobao can further optimize the classification management, reduce the review time, improve the efficiency of product sales, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the market.

Need to pass good values

As a private product, sexy underwear needs to convey a good and healthy good value concept.Only consumers and merchants abide by a good moral outlook and business standards can the market develop healthy.


We hope that Taobao can further optimize its audit process, use the intelligent review system to improve efficiency, strengthen standardized management and consumer education, and promote the healthy development of the market.Only in this way can consumers and merchants get better consumption and business environment.

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