Taobao shop sells sexy underwear names

Introduction: The importance of sexy underwear name

When selling sexy underwear in Taobao stores, an attractive and unique product name is very critical, which can attract consumers’ attention and interest, thereby improving sales efficiency.So how to formulate a good sexy underwear name?Next, we will share some skills to make.

1. Straight Bai Ming

The name of sexy underwear should be simple and clear, which can reflect the characteristics and uses of this style, such as "lace sexy underwear" or "front opening hollow T pants".

2. Unique personality

The name should have personalized characteristics, allowing consumers to directly associate elements such as sexy, luxurious, unique, such as "Amber Rock Head Set" or "Bow Temptation Temptation Waist".

3. Real life reference

The use of real life and elements can resonate and curious consumers, such as "black fog crystal stockings" or "Valentine’s Day Love Black Stockings".

4. Directly click on the object

The erotic underwear is closely related to the object. The name can be directly expressed, such as "Secret Miss Sister Instead" or "Private Boyfriend’s Seduces Underwear".

5. Short and easy to remember

For consumers, a short and easy -to -remember name can greatly improve the popularity and sales efficiency of the brand. Therefore, it should be carefully considered when naming, such as "hollow short -sleeved knitting" or "camouflage before opening fashion underwear".

6. Curious

Some mysterious names often arouse customers’ curiosity and buying desires, such as "black taboo bellyband" or "purple -red translucent flesh -colored bellyband".

7. Stability

For some older consumer groups, when choosing the name, it is more stable and elegant, and it looks more atmospheric and high -end, such as "classic black and white T vests" or "chest cushioning waist underwear".

8. Seduces

Some emotional and seductive names can directly impress consumers’ hearts, such as "yellow honey sexy underwear" or "red caramel camisole skirt".

Conclusion: The name can change sales

For a Taobao shop, when selling sexy underwear, a good product name may be more critical than other factors.Names can attract attention, trigger the desire to buy, and improve sales efficiency. Therefore, try to consider customer needs as much as possible when named, and to appropriately apply various comprehensive skills.

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