Taobao shop sex underwear name


There are many sexy underwear brands in the market today, and various styles and styles are dazzling.For sellers, it is particularly important to start a good store name. This is not only to attract attention, but also to make buyers a deeper impression on stores and product brands, thereby increasing store conversion rates.For sellers, how can I be considered excellent in the naming of sexy underwear shops?This article will introduce you to the skills of Taobao Instead underwear shops.

Bright brand characteristics

First of all, a good brand requires individuality and characteristics.If the shop name is not impressive, then it cannot stay in the customer’s brain.Therefore, a good sexy underwear shop name should be able to show the characteristics of its brand and allow consumers to remember easily.

Unique name

Second, the better the name of a shop, the better.Once the store has a unique name, it is very easy to be displayed and memorized.A unique shop name will become the representative of your brand, and better establish and enhance the brand awareness.

Ingenious creativity

Third, in the field of sexy underwear, which is regarded as a marginal market, the creative naming of stores can not only increase the uniqueness of the store, but also attract consumers’ interest and increase the conversion rate.Where does the naming creative of the store come from?It is fine anywhere, but creativity is extraordinary, unique is the key.

The name of the shop with compatibility

Fourth, the field of sexy underwear often has the tone of some sub -culture, especially flirting culture.Therefore, for sexy underwear shops, especially in the naming, it is necessary to pay attention to the words inside the store name.For example, the store name "Miss Huaxin" is obviously gorgeous and sweet, that is, ingeniously create a sense of atmosphere of the shop.

Have the effect of attracting consumers

Fifth, the goal of a brand is to attract more buyers, so for a sexy underwear shop, the name must attract consumers’ attention.The store name can be selected with a variety of sexy hints, or a simple and simple name, so as to resonate among potential buyers.

Do not use too fancy fonts

Sixth, we must avoid too tedious names and exaggerated, fancy fonts. This kind of shop name is not only not helpful, but it will attract consumers’ resentment and greatly reduce the brand’s image.Therefore, try to choose simple, clear, and pay attention to readability fonts.

Try not to appear rare words, foreign words, etc.

Seventh, some of the proprietary vocabulary hidden in the sex underwear circle is a wonderful choice for the name of the store, which can improve the model recognition, but if it is not a rare word, foreign words, etc. that are not understood by professionals, etc.Avoid use.Otherwise, potential consumers will feel strange and unacceptable to store names, leading to losing more potential sales opportunities.

Avoid using too narrow shop names

Eighth, for sexy underwear stores that have just entered the Taobao market, you should avoid using too narrow shop names.Although some too professional store names have their own markets in their own fields, they are insufficient for expanding consumers.Therefore, some of the shop names with certain plasticity, focusing on brand communication and development, is a better choice.


In summary, the naming principle of the name of the sex underwear shop shop is many aspects. It not only needs to highlight the characteristics of the brand, but also to fully consider consumer acceptance and readability.A good shop name allows buyers to have strong feelings for the brand and increase sales levels.For sellers, good store names can also become the brand’s promotion pillar, injecting vitality into product sales flow.It is hoped that the above -mentioned fun underwear shops can help your shop better develop and promote.

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