Temptation of sexy underwear bellyband

Temptation of sexy underwear bellyband

The sex lingerie calendar is a condiment in sex life. It can make the boring sex life between husband and wife more interesting and exciting.But in addition to keywords such as sexy, gender, nakedness, sexy underwear also has a term -bellyband.What is a bellyband?A simple understanding is a small cover covering the chest and belly.

This bellyband is cute

Sexy underwear belly pockets have a variety of styles, with cute cartoon images, sexy hollow styles, and transparent materials.The bright colors and rich patterns make the bellyband look cute, while lace lace and satin decoration make it look more delicate.If you want to try an interesting and useful sexy underwear, the bellyband is definitely your best choice.

The difference between two bellybands and sexy underwear

The difference between bellyband and sexy underwear is to cover the area, and sexy underwear generally covers most of the body, such as common erotic conjoined socks, three -point sex, and so on.The bellyband only covers the chest and belly, and sometimes exposes the back.

Fate of Sanbin Boat and Culture

The bellyband originated in China. It is a traditional personal clothes of ancient women, also called chest pockets.In ancient times, when women were wearing a jacket, a gap was often exposed under the chest. At this time, women needed to cover it with a bellyband.At the same time, bellybands also appear in Japanese and Indian culture.

Four bellyband matching skills

Although the bellyband is not as intuitive as other erotic underwear, there are also matching skills.First of all, consider the combination of bellybands and other underwear. For example, you can choose to wear a relatively simple -style underwear to make the bellyband more prominent.If you want to show sexy, you can choose to wear a bellyband, with high heels and stockings, so that you can show your taste and confidence.

The sexy degree of five bellybands

Although the bellyband is a more conservative sexy underwear, its sexyness is still very high.Good at using transparent materials and sexy color schemes, the bellyband can show your charm and sexy to the fullest.The sexy of the bellyband is that it not only gives it sexy, but also concealed female reproductive organs, allowing you to get rid of some concerns.

The purpose of the six bellybands

The bellyband is not only used to match sexy underwear, it also has a aphrodisiac effect, which can help couples get closer better.In addition, it can also be used for sex games, such as putting bellybands near the sensitive parts of the body to increase sexual stimuli.

The material of the seven bellybands

The bellybands are generally softer, such as silk, pearls, lace lace, and so on.This is not only comfortable, but also soft touch, avoiding irritation to the skin.In addition, some other decorations can be added to the bellyband, such as the tassel, beads, threads, ribbons, and so on.

Who are the eight -belly pockets suitable for?

The perfect breasts, small breasts, and women who want to try different types of sexy underwear.Especially suitable for those who have just started sexy underwear, because compared with his sexy underwear, the bellyband is more conservative, and it is not easy to make people feel embarrassing and embarrassed.In addition, the bellyband is also suitable for women who are adjusting their figure. Putting on the bellyband can not only have a self -cultivation effect, but also cover the defects of the body.


For me, the temptation of the bellyband is that it has a conservative tradition, a quality and unruly taste. It is a fashionable, gentle, sexy sexy underwear.Putting on a bellyband, women can not only feel their bodies, but also become more confident and charm.In short, the bellyband is a clear stream in sexy underwear, let it bring you more surprises!

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