The boss buy me sexy underwear to wear

1 Introduction

As a sexy underwear expert, I can tell you: Although sexy underwear was originally designed to deal with specific needs in sexual life, these underwear became very fashionable and popular over time.

2. Types of sexy underwear

There are many different types of sexy underwear, including sexy underwear, beautiful back underwear, lipstick lipstick, hollow underwear, and so on.These types have different designs and uses, so if you don’t know which one to choose, you can consult the seller or online expert in the underwear store.

3. It is important to choose the right size

It is also important to choose the correct size when buying sexy underwear.If the underwear is too small or too large, it will not be able to play its best results.Improper size may also cause discomfort or even pain.

4. Suitable for you

In addition to the size, it is also very important to choose the underwear style that suits you.Some women like sexy shoulder designs, while others prefer comfortable shoulder -free band underwear.When choosing, you should consider your body and preferences, so as to choose the style that suits you best.

5. Essential sexy underwear

For those who want to try sex underwear but do not know where to start, the following are some necessary erotic underwear:

Sexy underwear set: This set usually includes bras, underwear and hanging sticks. It is an entry -level style of sexy underwear.

Hollow underwear: This underwear is usually composed of detailed rivet decorations, mesh or hollow design, which can make women feel very sexy and attractive.

Lipstick underwear: This underwear has transparent lace or silk, with decorated and lace lace, which looks very sweet and sexy.

6. Sexy underwear of different materials

Sex underwear is usually made of a variety of different materials, and each material has its unique touch and visual effect.Here are some common sexy underwear materials:

Lace: This material looks very soft and feminine.

Silk: This material is usually used to make personal sexy underwear because it has a good texture and gloss.

Leather: This material is usually used to make SM -style sexy underwear, which looks very luxurious and sexy.

7. Matching love underwear and perfect shape

When wearing sexy underwear, the little -known secret is that the correct shape can make the underwear more beautiful and sexy.When wearing flat shoes, you can choose high waist underwear that can extend the proportion of legs.High -heeled shoes can be matched with sexy lace’s sexy underwear to make your legs longer.

8. Pay attention to the underwear machine washing and hand washing method

Interest underwear is usually composed of very delicate materials and artistic design, so be careful when cleaning.Some underwear can be washed, but more underwear needs to be washed by hand. Use mild detergent or specialized cleaner, and then dry.

9. The way of storage of underwear

When storing sex underwear, avoid hanging underwear on the hanger, because this will lengthen the material and affect the shape of the underwear.You can put underwear in a neat drawer, and keep the underwear fresh with fragrant soap or desiccant.

10. Summary

Although sexy underwear was originally designed to deal with specific needs in sexual life, it has now developed into a kind of underwear that focuses on fashion and beauty.By selecting the correct size and style, the correct matching and storage method, you can make yourself feel more confident and sexy.Whether in public or private occasions, sexy underwear can bring you more fun and excitement.

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