The company stipulates that sexy lingerie is worn outside work

Background introduction

Recently, it is reported that a company stipulates that employees need to wear sex underwear and wear them outside, which has aroused concern and discussion of society.Whether this movement is compliant has caused widespread controversy.

Corporate psychology

According to the person in charge of the human resources department of the company, the company’s purpose is to hope that employees can better display the company’s products and enhance work satisfaction and cohesion.

Employee response

However, many employees have expressed dissatisfaction and rejection of this provision.They believe that this approach is too personal and unsatisfactory, and also violates their privacy.

Definition of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy and decorative underwear. It usually uses tulle, lace and other materials. The cup is smaller, the hem is short, and the sexy is exposed.Different from daily underwear.

Whether the law allows the company to stipulate that employees wear sexy underwear

According to relevant laws and regulations, the company cannot force employees to wear some kinds of clothing and violate employees’ privacy.If the employee feels uncomfortable, the company cannot force it to comply.

Affect the work of employees

If you compulsory employees to work in sexy underwear, they may affect their work efficiency and mentality, and even unable to focus on work.Employees should feel comfortable and confident, and wearing foreign clothes that are not suitable for them may cause difficulties.

The appropriate way to establish the company system

If the company wants to promote product promotion, it is recommended to use other ways such as tickets or gifts to encourage employees to actively participate.When establishing a company system, the reasonable rights and interests of employees should be fully considered.

How should employees deal with

If employees do not agree with the company’s request to wear fun underwear, they should submit an application to their superiors in a timely manner to explain their positions and cannot be forcibly forced.If there is an act of violating the labor law, you can complain to the labor supervision department.

The company should reflect

The company should seriously treat the opinions and feedback of employees, formulate regulations, and consider the legitimate rights and interests of employees.At the same time, employees should be provided with all employees to strengthen publicity and education on related regulations such as confidentiality and privacy.

in conclusion

Although the company wants to use the forced employees to wear sex underwear to promote products, it should be clear that this approach not only violates the personal privacy of employees, but also hinders employees’ work efficiency and mentality.Establishing a suitable company system should take into account the rights and feelings of employees, and should also conduct good publicity and education on employees.Employees must also clarify their positions and rights and cannot be forced by unsatisfactory regulations.

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