The difference between sexy underwear and bikini

The definition of sexy underwear and bikini

The two terms of sex underwear and bikini are very common in women’s wardrobes, but what is their specific difference?Sexy underwear refers to a specially designed underwear. The main feature is that under the premise of sexy and beautiful, it reflects some special meaning and playfulness.Bikini refers to a swimsuit with a higher exposure.

Different materials

The material of sexy underwear and bikini is different. In addition to traditional fabrics, sexy underwear is usually made of various special fabrics, such as lace, mesh, artificial leather, etc. These fabrics can reflect unique visual effects and touch.The fabrics often used in bikini are swimsuit cloths, because they need to consider fast drying and suitable for water activities.

Different in the place of wearing

Another significant difference between erotic underwear and bikini is the place and purpose of wearing.Interest underwear is usually used in private places, such as the playful interaction between couples in the bedroom.Bikini is used in public places, such as in beaches, swimming pools and other places.

Differential design style

The design style of sexy underwear is mainly sexy, fun and exciting.Its design characteristics usually focus on the emphasis on the body curve and part, and can achieve sexy visual effects.The design style of bikini focuses on exposing and lightweight, which generally highlights the body curve and beautiful effect.

Differences in price level

Interest underwear and bikini are also significantly different in terms of price.The price of sexy underwear is usually a lot higher than ordinary underwear and swimwear. This is because sexy underwear is usually only used in private occasions, and requires higher materials and more refined craftsmanship.The price of bikini is relatively close to the people, and its use place is similar to ordinary swimsuits, so the price is relatively cheap.

Different colors and styles

There are certain differences in colors and styles of sexy underwear and bikinis.Sex underwear pays more attention to individuality and innovation, so the color will be more bold and unique.The color of the bikini is generally mainly simple colors, and in terms of style, it pays more attention to comfort and convenience.

Different objects of wear

The wearing objects and bikinis are also significantly different.The sexy underwear is mainly wearing between couples or spouses. It is a tool and means of sex.Bikini is suitable for wider people, not only limited to couples or spouses, but also for single or other groups.

Market development trend

Interest underwear and bikini are also very different in market development.The market for sex underwear is relatively small, but more and more young people and newlyweds are becoming more and more interested in this.Bikini is a relatively mature and stable market, and sales will be higher in summer.

Different occasions

There are also differences on the occasions of sexy underwear and bikinis.Interest underwear is only suitable for intimate private places, such as bedrooms, living rooms, etc., and cannot be worn publicly outside.Bikini is designed for water sports venues for swimming, beaches and other venues.

Changes in fashion trends

Sexy underwear and bikinis are also different in popular trends.Interest underwear pays more attention to novelty and unique. More and more designers have joined more innovative elements to make it more international and fashionable.The trend of bikini is even more conservative, and generally does not make much change.

my point of view

In general, sexy underwear and bikini are two completely different clothing. There are great differences in their wearing objects, prices, materials, design, and markets.However, in sex tools and swimsuits, sexy underwear and bikini have their own unique charm. We should choose to wear appropriately according to the occasion.

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