The earliest sexy underwear show in Hong Kong

The earliest sexy underwear show in Hong Kong


In the 1960s, Hong Kong had become an international city, and fashion culture also occupied a lot of market share.During this period, sexy underwear gradually entered people’s vision, and more and more people began to accept this avant -garde way.As a result, an unprecedented sexy underwear show came into being.

Location and time

This sex underwear show was held in the Yidong Hotel in Hong Kong in 1968. At that time, there were no high -rise buildings like now. The Yidong Hotel was considered a luxurious venue in Hong Kong Island.The show show was so solemn.


There are very few participants in this sexy underwear show, and only a few models and very few media workers have participated.As we all know, the concept of sexy underwear at that time was not particularly accepted by everyone, and many media did not dare to get involved in this field.So the participants at the time could be said to be courageous.

Fashion show

In this sexy underwear show, the focus of clothing display is naturally sexy underwear, which can be said to be a stage of guts and figure.Specifically, the displayed underwear styles are mainly sexy, incorporating some novel ideas and creative designs.The models wearing these sexy underwear fully show the charm and courage of women.

Social response

At that time, although sexual emancipation had gradually become the mainstream, society still had great questioning and conflict about the sexy underwear show.Many people even think that this display method will have a adverse effect on social morality.

Meaning and influence

Although this sexy underwear show has not been recognized and approved by many people, it has created a new fashion trend.Other cities in the same age have also begun to host similar sexy underwear shows.Over time, people’s ideas have gradually become open, and sexy underwear has gradually become a popular way of dressing.

The development of sexy underwear

Since the 1960s, the design of sexy underwear has become more and more exquisite, rich in variety, and gradually stepped out of the adult product shop and moved to the public’s daily wear.Now, sexy underwear has become one of the options for everyone. It has been loved by more and more people with its unique charm and sexy.

Evolution of sexy lingerie show

With the change of the times, the sexy underwear show is constantly evolving.Nowadays, the sexy lingerie show is more about artistic and professional expression. For example, Victoria’s secrets have fully absorbed various modern stage performance methods, showing the underwear, and adding music, dance and special effects, etc.element.

Diversity of sexy underwear

In the current market, there are many types of sexy underwear, covering various styles and design elements.Sexy temptation models, fresh literary models, elegant sexy models and creative fun, and so on.This diverse underwear can undoubtedly meet the different needs of different people.

in conclusion

Although the early erotic underwear show was questioned and opposed, it created at least the avant -garde way of wearing a sexy underwear.And this way of dressing has gone through decades of development, and it has become one of everyone’s wearing options.In the future, the trend of the sex underwear market will be more diverse, and more people will need more people to accept and support its development.

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