The experience of sexy underwear model

The experience of sexy underwear model

At the beginning of the industry

I am a sexy underwear model. When I first entered the industry, I was very shy and could not adapt to the feeling of wearing sexy underwear in front of people.However, I know that I have a good figure, which is half of my success.

Preparation before shooting

We need some professional preparations before shooting.Including a healthy body shape, skin care before shooting, the perfection of nails and hair, and the choice and matching of underwear.

Challenge during shooting

When shooting, there are many challenges to be overcome.From physical strength to how to maintain smooth and elegant posture before the camera.Of course, self -confidence is also very important.

How to maintain self -confidence

It is crucial to maintain confidence in sex underwear catwalks and shooting.My personal approach is to maintain a good physical condition, actively exercise, continue to learn and improve my professional knowledge, so as to continuously improve my self -confidence.

Understanding of underwear

As a sexy underwear model, we need to have a deep understanding of underwear.Not only do you need to understand the style, fabric, and size, but also what kind of body shape is suitable for different sizes and tailoring underwear, so as to convey more professional information to customers.

How to show the advantages of underwear

When undergoing underwear catwalks and shooting, we need to show the advantages of underwear.For example, increase chest lines, emphasize waist lines, and modify hip lines.This requires us to highlight the advantages of underwear with our own characteristics and advantages to make the underwear more beautiful.

About post -processing

After completing the shooting, we also need to do later processing of the photos.This includes adjusting color tones, deletion photos, and trimming when necessary.

Requirements for models

As a sexy underwear model, we not only need good physical conditions and professional knowledge, but also need good professional ethics, good cultivation, and other excellent qualities required by the industry personnel.

Continue to improve yourself

As a sexy underwear model, we need to continuously improve ourselves, improve our professional quality, while paying attention to our image shape and personal ability improvement.This is also the key to our success.


The profession of sexy underwear has brought me a lot of different challenges, but because of this job, I became more confident, beautiful and professional.I also hope that more people can understand this profession and better understand our work.

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