The first time wearing a sexy lingerie

The first time I tried sexy underwear

I remember the first time I tried to wear fun underwear. At that time, I was confident in my body and wanted to try a new feeling, so I chose a sleeveless hollow sex sexy underwear.


I put on this underwear with great interest and prepared to go out.But when I walked on the road, I started to feel a little uncomfortable.I started to realize that people may notice me because my costumes look too sexy.

Restricted action

When I walk or sit down, I feel uncomfortable.My actions became very restricted because this underwear was really tight.I have to adjust it constantly, which makes me even more uncomfortable.

Disgusting eyes

When I arrived at my destination, I began to realize that people had disgusted eyes.I tried to keep myself calm, but seeing the reaction of others made me feel embarrassed.

Win recognition

However, some people praised and praised my underwear.This makes me feel much better than before, because some people like the style of my underwear.

Friendly advice

When I went home, listened to a friend’s suggestion, she suggested that I choose the styles and sizes that are more suitable for my figure, so that I can wear sexy underwear more comfortably and naturally.

Improve your way of dressing

I started to find that wearing sexy underwear is not an easy task.People need to find a style suitable for their figure and personal style, and then find a suitable occasion.

Be confident

The important thing is that when you wear sexy underwear, keeping confidence will not make you feel uncomfortable.If you believe in your choice and enjoy this process, others will appreciate your underwear.

Learn to enjoy sexy underwear fun

Although my first attempt was unsuccessful, I learned a lot about wearing sexy underwear.Now, I am more convinced that I am confident that I can wear sexy underwear and enjoy the fun.


Interest underwear is a kind of sexy and confident clothing.Although the first attempt is a challenge, we can overcome this challenge by finding a style suitable for our body and style, and maintaining confidence and pleasure.

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