The heroine wears fun underwear through ancient times

The heroine wears fun underwear through ancient times

The ancient world is always desirable, but for modern women, how to survive in ancient times is also a huge problem.One day, the heroine wore a sexy sexy underwear, but unknowingly crossed into ancient times.Let’s take a look at how she will survive.

Step 1: How to protect yourself

The heroine found that the status of ancient women was very low, and it was the most important thing to protect themselves.She decided to hide the sexy lingerie and put on a simple clothes.Because the ancients despised women who did not keep their women, she had to protect herself carefully in this world.

Step 2: How to adapt to ancient life

The heroine quickly realized that ancient life was different from modern times, and she needed to adapt to ancient lifestyles as soon as possible.She began to study housework, sewing, cooking, and cooking. She learned the skills that ancient women should have in order to truly integrate into this world.

Step 3: How to do business in ancient times

The heroine is a woman who lives in modern, and she understands the modern business philosophy.She began to open a local teahouse in ancient times, allowing people to taste fresh tea and have a small -scale business.With her own efforts, she gradually won the respect and trust of the locals.

Step 4: How to deal with the relationship with men

The beauty of the heroine was very dangerous in ancient times, and it was easy to attract some bad men.She is determined to avoid this danger by maintaining as much as possible.She did not provoke men because she was wearing a sexy underwear, but won the respect and trust of men through her talents.

Step 5: How to maintain independence and autonomy

The heroine does not want to be a woman who needs to rely on men.In ancient times, women’s status was very low, while men were the master of everything.However, she decided not to give up her independence, and she would play her ability as much as possible to maintain her self -esteem and confidence.

Step 6: How to maintain good health

The heroine understands that physical health is the cornerstone of life.She started to practice Tai Chi, maintain daily exercise, and maintain her health.In ancient times, the disease was not easily cured, so she had to maintain her health as much as possible.

Step 7: How to deal with the relationship with other women

The heroine found that the relationship between ancient women was very complicated.She tried to understand the emotions of other women, caring with sympathy and goodwill to build friendship.

Step 8: How to maintain your dignity

The heroine decided to put on sexy underwear again, but she didn’t want others to see it.No one can let her lose her dignity.She began to design her sexy underwear to make them more private and sexy and protect her dignity.


In ancient times, the heroine not only adapted to the ancient lifestyle, but also created her own career, established a good interpersonal relationship, but always maintained her own independence and dignity.Her story tells us that in the face of any difficulties, as long as we maintain confidence and courage and do not give up our pursuit, we can survive and develop and protect our dignity.

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