The more famous sexy underwear in the world

1. Victoria’s Secret sexy underwear

As one of the world’s most well -known sexy lingerie brands, Victoria’s Secret sexy underwear has been widely praised with its beautiful tailoring and gorgeous details.Their star products include perspective bra, lace pantyhose and sexy low -cut underwear.

2. Agent Provocateur sexy underwear

Agent Provocateur sexy underwear is another highly respected brand, known for its unique and bold style.This brand’s products usually have very personalized design, making women feel unparalleled sexy and confident.

3. La Perla sexy underwear

La Perla’s sexy underwear is another high -quality sexy underwear brand, known for its unique lace and silk design.This brand’s products are very suitable for women who want to feel noble temperament and elegance.

4. Frederick’s of Hollywood sexy underwear

Frederick’s of Hollywood’s sexy underwear brand has won countless loyal fans with its bright and fancy design style.The brand’s products include classic styles such as sexy underwear, perspective underwear, high waist panties, beam pants and bra.

5. Calvin Klein sexy underwear

Calvin Klein’s sexy underwear brand is well -known for its simple design and pure style.Their products include all kinds of simple, classic triangular pants, low waist pants and tall pants.

6. Wonderbra sexy underwear

Wonderbra sex underwear brand is known for its iconic "pushing" culture.All their products are used in super soft and breathable fabrics, and there is an effect that can shape the chest as further pushing.

7. Hanky Panky sexy underwear

Hanky Panky’s sexy underwear is another popular brand. Its products do not need to hook or other unnecessary decorations, which can be easily worn off and very suitable for any occasions.

8. Simone Perele sexy underwear

Simone Perele’s sex underwear brand has been loved by consumers with its unique daily underwear style and retro design style.Their products have a simple and cute design. In 2016, their "Bird’s Nest Series" was rated as the best sexy underwear of the year.

9. Triumph sexy underwear

Triumph sex lingerie brand is famous for its amazing sexy lingerie style. Their products are very suitable for women who like to capture eyeballs and attractive.Their products are diverse, with bright and bright colors, but also fashionable black, white and gold.

10. Wolford sexy underwear

The last brand is Wolford sexy underwear, and their underwear style is extraordinary.Their product diversity is very high, with both basic styles and complex perspective design.No matter what kind of sexy underwear you want, this brand will meet your needs.

All in all, these brands are all highly praised underwear brands worldwide.Every character has its own characteristics, so you can choose a brand that suits you according to your needs.

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