The most violent sexy underwear

The most violent sexy underwear

Interest underwear is often considered sexy and charming.However, the design of some sexy underwear may surprise and disgusting you.In this article, we will discuss the most bleak sexy underwear design, so that you have a new understanding of this underwear.

1. Plastic underwear

The sexy underwear design of plastic material looks very cheap and ugly.This underwear material may cause discomfort and irritation of the skin, thereby reducing the experience of interest.

2. Animal pattern underwear

Some sexy underwear designers like to add the image or pattern of animals to the design.This design may not only be ugly, but also may cause objections for animal protectors.

3. messy red lace

Red is a typical color of sexy underwear, but when the red lace design is not good, it looks very messy and ugly.This design looks more like cheap underwear on the stall.

4. Low -quality leather

Some sexy underwear uses very low -quality leather. This material does not also look ugly, but also may oxidize and discolor, reduce the sexual experience.

5. Tedy lace design

Some erotic underwear designs are too cumbersome to design lace, and it looks more like a gauze skirt at the wedding, not sexy underwear.This design may make people feel very awkward.

6. Underwear with gemstone

Some erotic underwear designers believe that adding gems on underwear can increase sexuality. However, this design usually looks very cheap and unjustly.

7. Imitate the underwear of professional uniforms

Some designers have designed sexy underwear similar to professional uniforms such as doctors, police, or stewardess, which may cause controversy.In addition, this design may make people feel very awkward.

8. Underwear that is too exposed

The design of sexy underwear should focus on sexy rather than excessive exposure.Some designers design underwear into extreme exposure and inappropriate appearance, which may make people feel uncomfortable and disgusted.


Although some sexy underwear design is very charming, we cannot ignore the ugly and uncomfortable sexy underwear.We should choose a sexy underwear that suits us, not blindly buying because of some popular designs.

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