The original god sex lingerie plus cloth

Introduction: Charm of sexy underwear

As a special underwear, sexy underwear is often used to enhance sexy and interest.In the fashion trends in recent years, the shape and design of sexy underwear have become increasingly diverse, attracting more and more people’s attention and attempts.In the sexy underwear of various brands, the original love underwear plus cloth is very popular. Let’s take a look at its characteristics and how to use it.

Style 1: Beautiful Woman Inner Underwear

Beauty’s sexy underwear emphasizes the beauty of women’s body curves, usually includes basic and innovative models.Basic models refer to nakedness like Bikini, and innovative models refer to the addition of novel art elements and materials.The original God’s erotic lingerie and cloth beauty sexy underwear, which uses bright red lace materials, is unique and sexy.

Style 2: Sexuality Fun Underwear

Sex feelings are a kind of exaggerated sexy underwear, with diverse design and free size.And the original God’s erotic underwear and cloth models are also very outstanding in terms of sexy. They use black ultra -thin fabrics, simple, generous, and charming.

Style 3: Adult sexy underwear

Adult sexy underwear is a more sexy sexy underwear with a more sexual nature. The playful colors and exquisite tailoring make people want to enter the wrong.The original God’s Funwear and cloth with pink lace as the surface. The exquisite lace design looks extremely tempting.

Style 4: European and American sexy underwear

European and American sexy underwear often uses fairy tales, classical, retro and other elements, showing the elegance, delicate, and fresh beauty of European and American women.The original God’s sexy lingerie and cloth in European and American sexy underwear use lace surface and mesh bra, showing an elegant and cute side.

Material one: lace material

The lace material has very good breathability and soft performance, and it is popular and fashionable. It is a classic sexy lingerie material.The lace material of the original God’s erotic underwear and cloth is very beautiful and sexy.

Material two: Velvet material

Velvet is a precious fabric with a soft feel, luxurious, elegant, and relying on its warmth and softness enough to attract people’s attention.The original God’s erotic lingerie and cloth velvet material are very particular, the fabric is comfortable, and the feel is very soft.

size selection

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the choice of size, especially when buying on the Internet, you need to be more cautious.Usually measure the waist circumference and bust to make it easy to choose the most suitable size.


When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to some details.For example, don’t be too tight and maintain comfort. If you have a special comfortable design, you should experience it carefully.In addition, you must pay attention to personal hygiene, often replace and wash sexy underwear to maintain your health.


Interest underwear is suitable for multiple occasions. When you are close to your partner, you can enhance the sexy and romantic atmosphere. You can wear the atmosphere on the sex party. You can also show women’s confidence and charm in various entertainment activities.


The maintenance of sexy underwear must also attach great importance to it. Usually, be careful not to wash it. Use special detergents to avoid rubbing and friction. Immediately clean and dry it to avoid direct sunlight.After drying the underwear, put it properly to avoid improper modulus deformation of the string, which affects the future experience.

Viewpoint: The original God’s sexy underwear plus cloth model is one of the kind of charm representatives

After the above analysis, it is not difficult to find that the original erotic lingerie and cloth are very diverse and charm.Regardless of the use of different purposes, different styles, different materials, etc., it has its unique charm.Therefore, the original God’s fun underwear and cloth models not only have a special fashion trend, but also the crystallization of sexy and romantic meaning. It is worthy of our taste and feelings.

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