The owner’s sex lingerie model

Owner’s choice

As a sexy underwear owner, you need some models.These models can demonstrate the goods in your store and attract the attention of guests.The owner should choose girls with well -sized, good temperament, and confident as a model.

Sexy underwear model requirements

A good model can bring a good reputation to your shop.The owner should pay attention to the sexy of the model, that is, the model should have a certain sexy, and it can be confident and generous when showing underwear.In addition, it should be noted that the model must have good muscle control and elegant posture.

Mixed -match style choice

You need to pay attention when selecting sexy underwear.Nude, red or black are the most popular colors.However, you can consider choosing some interesting patterns, patterns or printing.

Customer body model

Considering the customer’s body model is an extremely important issue.Different people have different preferences for different underwear styles.In order to meet the needs of different customers, shop owners need to choose models suitable for different body models to display underwear, thereby attracting customers to enter the store to buy.

Model age requirements

Age is also critical in future careers.The owner needs to choose models in the age of 20-30.Girls of this age are no longer able to have a student atmosphere, but it will not be too mature.It is easier to attract female consumers at different levels.

Choose different temperament models

In addition to age, the temperament is also critical.The owner needs to choose different temperament to cooperate with the types of sexy underwear.If you run adult underwear or Japanese -style underwear, you should choose a sweet and sexy model to promote your product.

Selection of dimensions

The owner needs to choose the size models corresponding to the products it operates.This can make customers more accurately see the effects of different sizes and different styles of underwear.Can greatly increase the purchase rate of customers.

Challenge different sales points

The owner needs to maintain a balance point at different sales points.When the owner is looking for models for his brand, he should choose models with seductive, sexy, and can play "typical beauties", but in this case, many customers need to be disturbed, insulted or shocked.Otherwise, the sales volume will decline, which will have a negative impact on the brand.

Improve the interesting atmosphere in the store

Sexy underwear pays attention to an instant, intimacy atmosphere.The owner can improve the interesting atmosphere in the store and attract customers to further understand the various styles of love underwear.The owner should try to provide a comfortable fitting room, high -quality consultant services, reasonable prices, and so on.


The above is the selection of sexy underwear models that the owner needs to pay attention to and the main points that need to be paid attention to.If you want to successfully run a sexy underwear store, these attention points are essential.Remember that a sexy model can attract more customers, but quality and services must also keep up to truly conducive to the development of the enterprise.

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