Tmall sex linger shop transfer

Background introduction

Tmall sex lingerie store was established in 2015 and is an online shop specializing in various sexy underwear.Over the years, the shop has been very famous in the sexual relationship and interest underwear market. It has often held promotional activities to attract consumers and is regarded as the leader in the industry.However, recently, the owner announced that it was intended to transfer the store, which has aroused widespread market attention.


Some people speculate that in the case of increasingly diversified sales channels throughout the network, it has become increasingly difficult to operate an online store.In addition, the problems of sexy underwear business and intellectual property rights, customs supervision and other aspects have begun to emerge.These reasons may prompt the boss of Tmall’s sexy underwear store to make this decision.

Store value

Tmall sex underwear stores have a complete operating system, brand effect and good reputation.These factors make the store have high transfer value.The store also has a large number of loyal users and high reputation, which can increase traffic and user stickiness to future operations.

Transfer condition

The owner gives the transfer condition, and must meet the following conditions to buy: 1. We must have rich experience in the sales experience of sexy underwear products; 2. Funding funds and can bear the transfer price; 3. Can inject fresh blood into the store to enhance the competitive advantage;4. Promise will not abuse the store brand.

Transfer price

The store transfer price is not public, but the insiders learned that the store may be calculated by the final price of the previous three years of net profit.If this is really the case, the transfer price will be very considerable.

Potential buyer

Due to the brand reputation and popularity of the store, the transfer of Tmall sex underwear store has attracted many potential buyers, including small sexy underwear brands, health industry companies, and even investors.All potential buyers will evaluate the transfer conditions and expected prices in detail to determine whether there is a intention to acquire.

Future prospects

The sex underwear industry is a potential market, and online stores are the key to opening this market portal.Although the transfer of stores is almost destined to bring new management, sales and marketing strategies, the future prospects are still bright.As more and more people start to realize the importance of sexy underwear, the sexy underwear market will continue to expand and develop, which also brings excellent business opportunities to online stores.

Hidden risk

However, the transfer shop also faces some hidden risks.For example, the new owner may not be able to control the business business, leading to a decline in performance; there are also some laws and regulations and the issue of intellectual property disputes that may also cause the store to be blocked.

in conclusion

In general, it is a big deal to transfer Tmall’s sexy underwear shop, but it also means new opportunities.For buyers, we must consider their strength and long -term planning, and make careful decisions.For the entire society, the rapid development of the sex underwear market is worthy of high attention.

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