Tombok of sexy underwear on Taobao

Tombok of sexy underwear on Taobao

Taobao is the largest online shopping platform in China, and it is also one of the first choices for many women to buy sexy underwear.On Taobao, we will find many different sexy underwear models.They are wearing various styles and styles of underwear to show the effects of underwear for consumers.How did these models be selected?

Model selection criteria

The performance on the model of the sexy underwear is very important, which is also the key to the successful sales of merchants.On Taobao, merchants will choose their models based on the figure and appearance of the model.In most cases, the proportion of the model needs to be appropriate, and at the same time has good facial features.However, in some cases, merchants will also look for models with special temperament in order to show the difference between sexy underwear and conventional underwear.

Conditions for shooting

Most sexy underwear models are taken independently on Taobao.Before shooting sexy underwear, merchants need to prepare various accessories and clothes for models.These can be divided into personal models, net clothes, dressing, and various interesting gadgets.Merchants need to ensure that all styles are sufficient and ensure that every sexy underwear has sufficient models to display.

Shooting effect

For the sexy underwear model on Taobao, the effect of shooting is very important.Merchants need to ensure that all pictures meet the standards, light, composition and color accurate.At the same time, merchants also need to ensure that the models and accessories of models keep up with the trend. Not only must they ensure the aesthetics, but they also show their unique temperament to attract consumers.

Model needs

Most sexy underwear models need a good body proportion and rich model experience.Generally speaking, female models need to be between 160 and 180cm, long or short hair, the facial features are clear and regular, and the body curve is beautiful.But merchants will also find some models with special temperament, so each model has unique opportunities to show themselves.

Model salary

The salary of sexy underwear varies from place to place.In terms of salary, merchants usually provide a certain basic salary and some additional subsidies.Model work units usually determine their salary based on the model’s qualifications and experience.In most cases, the basic salary of the model is usually 40 to 100 yuan per hour. According to different regions and different tasks, the salary will change.In some cases, merchants will also provide models with sexy underwear, cosmetics and related innovation leases for free.

Model responsibility

The model of sexy underwear needs to show the best state in a short time to establish consumer confidence and attractiveness.They need to have certain experience and skills to ensure that they can put on a variety of natural, beautiful and attractive pose.At the same time, they need to ensure that all underwear is best reflected, which requires nervous efforts and patience.

Model care development

It is not easy for those models to enter the sex underwear industry.This industry requires them to maintain a good state and continuously improve their skills.After a period of accumulation and efforts, models may have the opportunity to become experts in the field of sexy underwear, and have the opportunity to participate in various fashion shows and large -scale publicity activities.


Models of sexy underwear on Taobao are usually selected, and they need to have various characteristics, rules and their complexity.However, with the efforts of models and merchants, these models can show more consumers to show the charm of sexy underwear, and can further promote the development of the sexy underwear industry.We look forward to seeing more excellent sexy underwear models to participate in the growth of this industry.

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