Top 10 domestic sex lingerie brands in China

Top 10 domestic sex lingerie brands in China

1. Ayoka Ainca

Ayoka Ainoka is one of the leading sex lingerie brands in China.The brand’s independently designed productive underwear and sex clothing is loved by young women.Ayoka’s sexy underwear design style is fashionable, avant -garde, and bold, showing women’s personality and charm.

2. LOVEBURG Laovburg

LOVEBURG Laovburg is mainly based on creative fashion and is one of the popular domestic sexy underwear brands.The brand’s unique design concept and high -quality product quality have achieved the rapid development of the brand.LOVEBURG Lovburg’s underwear is full of creativity, covering a variety of product types such as underwear, sexy underwear and sex products.

3. Lorabella Lorela

Lorabella Lorela is a reliable sexy underwear brand that combines high -quality, innovative design and practicality.Lorabella’s sexy underwear reflects the sexy charm, taste and style of modern women, and emphasizes the curve beauty and soft texture of women’s bodies.

4. Jemarlino Jie Marineno

Jemarlino is one of the leading domestic and sexy clothing brands in the world’s leading sexy underwear and sexy clothing.Jemarlino’s sexy underwear with fashionable styles, meticulous fabrics and workmanship is welcomed by young women.

5. Shirly Yaoxiang

Shirly Yaoxiang is a brand that specializes in sexy underwear.The brand is committed to designing a fashionable, comfortable and sexy sexy underwear, which can meet women’s demand for sexy underwear.Shirly Yaoxiang’s sexy underwear is suitable for sexy romantic and gender games, showing the quality of communication while enhancing self -confidence.

6. Jockstraps suspender

Jockstraps suspender is a brand that specializes in male sex lingerie. It only provides the most cutting -edge, most tasteful design and the highest quality products.The Jockstraps band has a high degree of sexy, revealing the noble, chic, mighty and extraordinary taste of men.

7. miiowme beauty love

Miiowme beauty is a brand focusing on women’s sex lingerie and lifestyle.Miiowme’s beautiful sexy lingerie styles, novel design, showing women’s independence and fashion, suitable for various needs.

8. AMORS shadow

AMORS shadow is a brand focusing on providing personalized sexy underwear and sex products for young people.AMORS shadow’s underwear style is diverse to meet the different needs of different women.AMORS shadow products are mainly innovative, sexy and comfortable, focusing on details and quality.

9. Agathaaugust Ogas

Agathauugust Ogas is one of the most powerful sexy underwear brands in China.The brand emphasizes design and technology, using high -quality fiber and fabrics to create high -quality and comfortable sexy underwear for women.The design style of Agathaugust Ogas is simple and fashionable, focusing on details, highlighting the charm and sexy of women.

10. PinkLady Cat Girl

Pinklady Cat Girl is one of the most popular sexy underwear brands in China, and is mainly committed to providing women with sexy and fashionable sexy underwear.Pinklady’s sexy underwear design is novel and trendy, showing the soft and graceful side of women.


The above is the top ten sex underwear brands in China. Each brand has its own unique characteristics and style, which meets the needs of different consumers.Whether you like simple style underwear or complex designs, you can find sexy underwear that suits you in these brands.However, pay attention to whether the style and size of the clothes are suitable for you when buying sexy underwear, and whether it is in line with your personality and temperament.In short, when choosing a sexy underwear, choose a style that suits you and be a confident and sexy woman.

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