Total sex underwear market


Sexy underwear is a sexy and interesting underwear, usually made of transparent, lace, leather and other materials.It is an indispensable clothing in weddings, nightclubs, parties, role -playing, etc., and an important element of enhancing personal charm and burning love sparks.The market is huge in the market. Among them, consumers have a wide range of age, and they are involved from teenagers to the elderly.

Market size

According to the survey, the global sexy underwear market is about 20 billion US dollars.Among them, the United States and Europe are the main consumer countries in the sex underwear market, and the Asian market is gradually rising.

Consumer groups

The consumer groups of sexy underwear are very wide, including not only couples and husbands and wives, but also single men and women, homosexuals and other people.Especially in Western countries, sexy underwear is an important means to enhance personal confidence, reduce stress, and improve mental health.

Brand and style

There are many sexy underwear brands, including the secrets of Victoria, Hettia, Jenny Packham, etc.Different brand styles are different, with different flavors such as sexy, romantic, and tempting to meet the needs of different people.

Design and materials

Interest underwear usually uses lace, transparent yarn, leather, etc. Some are also equipped with silk belts and stockings.In addition to basic bra and panty, there are various styles such as BABYDOLL, Corset, Bodystocking, to meet the needs of different occasions.

the way of buying

There are two main types of sexy underwear, one is online shopping, such as Taobao,, Amazon and other e -commerce platforms; the other is offline shopping, such as specialty stores, department stores, supermarkets, etc.

Price and sales

The price of sexy underwear is more expensive, with an average price of $ 50-200, but the price of some high-end brands can reach thousands of yuan.The sales of the sex underwear market are quite considerable, and the average annual growth rate of the global market is about 5%.

development trend

With the openness of social atmosphere and the gradual lifting of sexual concepts, the prospects of the sex underwear market have continued to expand.At the same time, manufacturers’ requirements for the design, materials, and quality of sexy underwear are also continuously improved to meet the needs of higher -end consumers.In the future, the sexy underwear market is expected to continue to expand, and there is huge room for development.


The sexy underwear market is fiercely competitive and the brands are diverse.Competitors include first -class brands at home and abroad, such as Calvin Klein, Jenny Packham, Renina, Hetia, etc.Factors respond to the fierce competitive environment by improving product quality, reducing price, and increasing market publicity.

Policies and regulations

The domestic sex lingerie market has more restrictions on policies and regulations. If it is not allowed to advertise, prohibit sales of yellow products involving yellow.However, with the gradual improvement of domestic production and manufacturing, manufacturers’ quality and quality requirements for sexy underwear are also increasing, and the market prospects are still broad.

in conclusion

Overall, the market has a broad prospect for the market and fierce competition.Manufacturers need to continuously improve product quality, strengthen publicity, and reduce prices to cope with market challenges.Consumers need to pay attention to buying appropriate underwear products to enhance personal charm and confidence.In the future, the sexy underwear market is expected to continue to maintain steady growth.

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