Vest Diy to make sexy underwear


Sexy underwear is a must -have for many people, but sometimes it is difficult to find underwear that meets their own taste in the store.Therefore, today I will teach you how to make vest sexy underwear, so that you DIY a sexy underwear that conforms to your own taste.

Material preparation

First of all, you need to prepare a non -woven or breathable cotton cloth, two milk rings, front -end hook buckles, needle wires, cutting cuts, ruler, etc.


First, you need to cut the materials according to your body size.Draw a circular shape in the chest and cut off the size of the chest.

Sewing big arm holes

According to your own arm length, measure the appropriate size of the arm holes and cut it out.Use a needle line to suture the large arm holes to ensure firm sewing.

Sewing leader

Use the needle thread to sew it, and then suture the hook buckle to facilitate penetration.

Sewn hem

Sewing the hem is sutured to ensure that the length of the hem meets its own needs.If you need to increase your cuteness, you can sew lace at the hem.

Sewing milk ring

Set up the milk ring in the center of the underwear to ensure that the breast ring is suitable for the breast and the support of the underwear.

Sewing back tie rope

Setal the back tie rope to adjust the size.Follow your own needs to tailor the rope and sew it on the back of the underwear.

Diy personalization

Now, you can use various materials to DIY personalized vertical lingerie.You can sew various lace, pearls, bows and other decorations to create unique sexy underwear according to your own needs.


Wash it with a warm water hand -washing or washing machine with a washing bag to prevent it from using too hot water or too intense washing methods to avoid damage.


DIY vest sexy underwear is not difficult. As long as the above steps are made, you can have a sexy underwear that conforms to your own taste.Moreover, making sexy underwear offline is also a good choice to ensure its hygiene.

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