Wang Ou’s Wonderful Underwear Show

Wang Ou’s Wonderful Underwear Show

Wang Ou is a well -known actress in Mainland China. He has attracted much attention because of his masterpiece, "It’s too late to say I love you".As an elegant woman, her choice of sexy underwear is beautiful and elegant.Here, we will introduce Wang Ou’s sexy underwear show to enjoy her sexy charm.

Sexy corset

Elegant and sexy have no conflict, and the sexy underwear that supports the beautiful chest lines is no exception.Wang Ou’s black corset chose the Triangle Cup and paired with a lace design to make the chest shape more three -dimensional.This combination looks elegant and sexy.

Deep V extreme temptation

The deep V design of underwear always creates a classic image of a sexy woman. Such a design does not make the chest look too thin, but can highlight the lines of the chest.My personal favorite is the dark V black color sexy underwear wearing Wang Ou in the "Idol Trainee" show.This underwear shows sexy and elegance to the fullest.

Wilder -shoulder vests wanton wildly

The vest underwear is a lighter underwear, it looks more sexy, and it also feels a silky feeling.And the shoulder -free vest underwear fits the skin more, exuding the soft curve of the female body, which is very tempting.Wang Ou’s black -shoulder vest underwear on the catwalk shows her sexy and intellectual.

The ordinary charm of the tube top design

The tube top sexy underwear seems ordinary, but it is also very sexy and charming.The tube top underwear can wrap the chest tight and stylish, but also highlight the beautiful lines of the chest.The black tube top underwear worn by Wang Ou in the focus interview is very tightly wrapped. Although it will not be as eye -catching like a deep V, it is also sexy.

Strap series

The strap is a more common design in sexy underwear. From thin shoulder straps to ultra -wide shoulder straps, there are many design styles.The black strap -style erotic underwear worn by Wang Ou shows a more charming feeling, so that the woman wearing it is sexy while also revealing a beautiful one, which makes people have an endless aftertaste.

Ordinary underwear is also extraordinary

There are many distinctive design styles in sexy underwear, but ordinary underwear can also be charming.There is an old saying that the belt is affectionate, and the influence of clothing can be seen.This black lace worn by Wang Ou is undoubtedly unsatisfactory and very attractive.

The big wave design is more full

Wave -style sexy underwear not only highlights the curve of the body, but also ensures the beauty of the breast shape.Wang Ou’s underwear uses a large wave design to create Wang Ou’s full chest lines.

With the wind stockings

Of course, even if the sexy underwear is amazing, it is even more charming with the style of stockings.Wang Ou is also very intentional in this regard.Whether it is sexy black stockings or sexy pattern socks, it can be matched with her sexy sexy underwear.


Wang Ou’s sexy underwear show brought us a lot of surprises.Sexy and beautiful are not contradictory, and her combination combines the two just right.Every sexy underwear has its special charm, which also makes us fall in love with this sexy and tempting.

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