Want to buy sex underwear and boyfriend to do

1. Choose the right sexy lingerie style

Before buying sexual and emotional underwear, you first need to understand different styles, such as bras, underwear, suspenders, jumpsuits, straps, etc.Choose a style that suits your body and personality characteristics.If you are a sexy and bold girl, you can try to wear lace, hollow and mesh, and more restrained you can choose a little gorgeous element.

2. Buy a size suitable for you

The choice of size is a very important part. Buying a small sexy underwear will cause discomfort, and too large will make the chest sagging and lost.Therefore, when purchasing, you must accurately measure your size. It is recommended to find some professional after -sales underwear websites, and purchase suitable sizes after professional measurement.

3. Choose comfortable fabrics

The fabric is not only related to comfort, but also very important for skin care.Buy air -breathable fabrics, such as cotton and linen, silk, lace, polyester fiber, etc.These fabrics are soft and smooth, and they are very comfortable to wear.And some inferior fabrics may not only stimulate the skin, but also cause harmful substances to the body.

4. Pay attention to quality and workmanship

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must not only choose the right size, style and fabric, but also pay attention to quality and workmanship.The qualified sexy lingerie texture is soft and maintained, and the seams of each part are balanced, while inferior sexy lingerie will occur in unbalanced, loose, and broken lines.At this time, you can check the details of the outer materials and production technology before purchasing the product.

5. With personal hobbies and needs

Different combinations will bring very different results.Suppose you want to show a sexy figure, you can try to wear tight skirts, high heels and other combinations.And if you want to wear it in private, showing off the nature may be reduced.The ultimate goal is to comfort and meet personal hobbies and needs, and match internal and external wearables according to their needs.

6. Pay attention to cleaning and maintenance

The cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear should be paid special attention.In order to protect the fabric and growth environment, it is recommended to wash and use low temperature water.If you want to use a cleaner, it is recommended to choose butter soap, neutral detergent and other washing.Do not use bleach, alkaline detergent and strong acid cleaner to avoid damaging fabrics.After cleaning, do not dry directly in the sun to avoid fading color and deformation of the fabric.

7. Choose to buy with your boyfriend

When choosing a sexy underwear, you may wish to choose with your boyfriend.Such interactions can not only improve emotional communication, but also bring a more pleasant and harmonious environmental experience.You can choose the right style and matching according to the interests and preferences of each other, which can not only improve the mood, but also strengthen the emotional communication between the two.

8. Try new tricks

When wearing sexy underwear, try new tricks.You can add some small beauty in daily wear, such as the lace hollow sexy underwear with a skirt to wear the street, or use tight vests to shape the perfect body shape, adding confidence.In addition, you can also change according to the occasion and needs, such as sexy, cute, playful, etc., try new styles, and constantly challenge yourself.

9. Stimulate self -confidence and beauty

Putting on a suitable sexy underwear can better show the beauty and confidence of women.While feeling comfortable, strengthen self -confidence and show different charm.Wearing sexy underwear, experienced different feelings, and unexpected surprises.

10. Share romantic time

In the end, wearing sexy underwear is not to show off, but to allow women to better discover and show their sexy and charm. At the same time, they can also enjoy romantic time with their partners.Jointly design and select suitable sexy underwear to establish a tacit understanding and intimacy between the two, making life full of emotions and romance.

in conclusion

Choose the right sexy lingerie style, buy a size suitable for you, pay attention to comfortable fabrics and quality, workmanship, match personal hobbies and needs, pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, choose to buy with your boyfriend, try new tricks, stimulate confidence and beauty, share sharing, shareRomantic time, these are the main points of choosing sexy underwear.

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