Was the sexy underwear, do you want to finish and wear it

Is the sexy underwear going to wear it?

Interest underwear is a unique underwear. Most people only wear them on special occasions.Do you have to clean the sexy lingerie before you can wear it?Let’s explore this problem from the aspects of breathability, material, hygiene, etc. to help you better understand the affectionate underwear.

1. The material affects breathability

Interest underwear is usually made of sexy materials such as silk, lace, leather, and these materials are not breathable.At the same time, there are many small details, such as lace lace, small hooks, etc. These details are often easy to hide dirt, which affects the breathability of sexy underwear.

2. Hygiene is a prerequisite

Sex underwear requires more humanized design, which restricts the cleaning and disinfection of sexy underwear.At the same time, because these underwear can be exposed to sensitive parts, cleaning and disinfection should be paid more attention, otherwise it may cause private infections and even cause sex diseases.

3. Sexy underwear needs to be in contact with the external environment

Everyone has a certain amount of bacteria. If the sexy underwear is not cleaned in time, bacteria will be deposited into a hotbed.In addition, sharing and borrowing sexy underwear between couples may spread infection.

4. Do not clean up in time will bring hygiene problems

If sexy underwear is not cleaned in time, it may become an important medium that harms the human body such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.Especially in sexual life, after the sexy underwear is exposed to human secretions, if it is not cleaned in time, it may cause infection in the private part.

5. Sexy underwear needs to be careful of your skin

The material and production method of sexy underwear are different, and the burden on the skin is different.Some sexy lingerie is made of chemical textiles, which may cause allergic reactions of everyone, and more serious causes of dermatitis.

6. Wearing non -cleaning state can easily lead to infection

Interest underwear is exposed to human secretions, bacteria and dirt, which will breed some bacteria.In this case, if you wear sexy underwear directly, you will still form a hygienic infection.

7. Terminal cleaning sexy underwear

For sexy underwear under normal circumstances, it is best to follow the cleaning instructions on the finished tag.For more clean situations and sexy underwear in the environment, it is best to clean up, similar to women’s underwear categories. In addition, it is necessary to update and replace it regularly. It is best not to wear it for a long time for many years.

8. Pay attention to the privacy of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is usually very private. Everyone has their own hobbies and preferences. It may cause damage to it by washing or transmitting by public washing machines.Therefore, it is recommended to clean it by hand in the washing of sexy underwear, and pay special attention to protecting the privacy of underwear.

in conclusion

Judging from the above analysis, sexy underwear requires more private space, time and attention.On the one hand, sexy lingerie should be cleaned as soon as possible to ensure breathability and hygiene. On the other hand, old sexy underwear also needs to be replaced periodically to ensure personal hygiene and convenience.For your comfort and health, it is recommended that everyone pay attention to hygiene, safety and privacy when using sexy underwear, and follow the correct cleaning and disinfection process.

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