Wash the sexy underwear, unlock it

Why do I need to wash myself?

Interest underwear is a very sexy and seductive clothing.We usually treat sexy underwear as a special product in sex. Wearing the modified texture and bright colors above can make our interests double and more atmosphere.Although wearing sexy underwear can make us more charming, most people often think of whether to clean and disinfect it.In fact, washing and disinfection of sexy underwear are very important to help protect our health and prevent infection.

How to choose the washing method?

How to clean sexy underwear correctly is a very important issue. If you accidentally wash it out, you will feel very regrettable.Unless you know his material very well, it is best to clean it according to the explanation of the sexy lingerie label.If there is no prompt on the label, it is best to use a heavy washing cycle, and then disinfect the proper temperature and chemical cleaner.

Washing sex underwear or machine washing?

Hand washing sex underwear and machine -washing underwear have corresponding advantages and disadvantages.Hand washing needs to be cleaned for a long time, and you need to check the details carefully to ensure that all stains are completely removed.On the other hand, the machine washing takes a short time and more convenient, but it may be relatively rude, which greatly reduces the life of the underwear.

How to wash the sexy underwear in hand?

Hand washing the sexy underwear requires a sufficiently large sink or bucket, use warm water, add an appropriate amount of washing solution and stir, then put the sexy underwear in the water, rub it gently, do not apply or rub it too much, and use ordinary rough soap or do not use it.Liquid detergent.The use of laundry solution specifically for sexy underwear is more mild in underwear and skin.

How to wash sexy underwear?

Machine washing lingerie needs to choose the appropriate washing cycle of washing machine.It is generally believed that appropriate time and temperature have a small impact on the quality of underwear, and can maintain the elasticity and comfort of underwear.During the washing process, some washing liquids can be added to remove stains and disinfection, but do not use it excessively.

How to prevent erotic underwear from deforming?

The material of sex underwear is special and easy to deform.In order to avoid the deformation of erotic underwear, you need to pay attention to the following points.1. Underwear should be dehydrated before it is placed or suspended; 2. Do not expose the underwear or use a heater dryer; 3. Do not fold or roll the underwear.

What should I pay attention to when using an iron?

If you intend to iron the sexy underwear, please pay attention to the following points: 1. Make sure that the temperature and ironing time are appropriate (choose the appropriate temperature according to the material);To avoid damaging underwear; 3. Try to iron or not iron too much, so as not to reduce the service life of the underwear.

How long is the cleanliness of sex underwear?

The frequency of cleaning of sex underwear should vary from person to person.If it is usually a normal sex life, it must be cleaned after 2-3 times, or after using it once in summer.However, if it is a multiple exchanging partner or some patients with infectious diseases, they must be cleaned immediately after each use to avoid infectious bacteria.It should be noted that different materials and colors need to be made appropriately and separately before and after cleaning.


To protect health, we need to keep the underwear clean and dry, so when wearing sexy underwear, we must choose a cleaning plan.The steps and methods of washing underwear are very simple, but pay attention to various precautions to avoid damage to items.

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