Wearing a sexy underwear by a boss

Enter the world of sexy underwear

Interest underwear has always been the little secret of women in private life. In recent years, more women choose to wear sexy underwear to enhance their confidence and charm.What is sexy underwear?Let’s first understand the definition of sexy underwear.

Definition of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear generally refers to sexy and enchanting underwear. It refers to a special style underwear worn in sexual life. It usually uses a variety of sexy fabrics, patterns and tailoring. The design is exquisite and gorgeous.Sexual life adds fun.

The problem caused by sexy underwear

Although wearing erotic underwear can better reflect the beautiful figure and charm of women, it is still regarded as a privacy underwear. Women wearing sexy underwear sometimes feel a little embarrassed in public occasions, especially in work, wear, wear, wear, wear, wear, wear, wear, wear, wear, wearIt is even more embarrassing when sexy underwear is discovered by colleagues or bosses.

Boss’s curiosity

Anna is an intern of an IT company. She works very hard at work and has been well received by her boss.But one day, the boss Mike accidentally saw the sexy underwear she carried when Anna left the office, which made him very curious.

Improper movement of the boss

A few days later, Mike suddenly invited Anna to invite her to participate in a private party. Mike said that this was about the company’s future project meeting, and even the credit card in the pocket could be reimbursed.Anna didn’t doubt anything and asked Mike’s car to pick up herself.After arriving at the party, Anna discovered that this was not a project meeting like she imagined.

Anna’s shock

At the party, Anna realized that Mike was using this opportunity in a way that made her stunned, and he repeatedly harassed her in words and actions.What made her incredible is that everyone was voluntarily participating in the party, wearing various sexy underwear, and playing with each other at the party.

Sex underwear and sexual harassment

Anna’s encounter at the party is a typical example of sexual harassment, and the sexy underwear of the participants in this party has even more integrated the nature of the entire event.Women wearing sexy underwear are regarded as sexy objects, not colleagues or employees at work.This situation constitutes a fatal blow to women’s career and physical and mental health.

Protect your own weapon

In order to avoid similar incidents, women wearing sexy underwear need to better protect themselves and ensure that their bodies are not harmed under any circumstances.If you feel that you are often sexually harassed, you should take measures in time to report complaints to the company’s human resources department or relevant departments in order to protect.

Selection of sexy underwear and women

Wearing sexy underwear is the privacy of women, and women have the right to choose their own way of dressing.Now, more and more women choose to wear sexy underwear in private life to enhance their self -confidence and charm. This is a healthy, normal choice, and one of the freedom of women enjoying life.


Interest underwear is a special underwear, a choice of women in private life, and a woman’s expression of their charm and confidence.However, wearing erotic underwear will also bring problems. When women become victims of sexual harassment, they need to take action in time to report complaints to those who have power to deal with.Women choose their own way of dressing are a healthy and normal choice, and it is also an expression of women who enjoy the freedom of life.I hope that this article can provide some help for women who exist, and build a healthy and fulfilling understanding for more people, so that they can spend every day.

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