Wearing a sexy underwear, I deliberately called him to watch a movie

Wearing a sexy underwear, I deliberately called him to watch a movie

With the continuous opening of social concepts, sexy underwear is no longer just a simple ordinary underwear, but a very sexy and charming clothing.In the life of husband and wife, wearing sexy underwear can increase interest and romance. In addition, there are many tricks to play. Today we will talk about how to wear erotic underwear to increase life interest.The following are some tips on wearing fun underwear to deliberately call him to watch the film.

Choose a suitable sexy underwear

The first step is to choose a sexy underwear that suits them. Different people will have different preferences. Some people like lace cutting, and some people like satin materials, so choose what they like and meet their own figure.In addition, the color of sexy underwear is also very important. You can choose red, black or white. These colors are very tempting.

Match with suitable clothes

When wearing sex underwear, pay attention to matching suitable clothes.If you wear fun underwear at home, you can pair with pajamas or robes. If you wear it outside, you can pair with long skirts or long coats to make the other party feel a guess and increase sexual interest.

Turn a personal sexy makeup

Turning up a person’s sexy makeup can make the whole person more attractive, and with sexy underwear, make the other party more fascinating.Smoking makeup or red lip makeup can make your eyes and lip color more attractive. At the same time, you should also pay attention not to make too strong makeup, otherwise it will make people feel exaggerated.

Choose the right time

It is also important to call him to watch the film on a sexual underwear.You can choose weekends or nights to relax and enjoy the other party.In your own room, ordering aroma can make the whole atmosphere more romantic and comfortable.

Raise your hands to be full of temperament

When wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to your posture and behavior, so that you can raise your hands to exude sexy and charming.You can do some elegant movements, such as leaning on the sofa or admiring the beauty of the window, making yourself more feminine.

Communicate with your eyes

When wearing a sexy underwear to communicate with the other party, the eyes are also very important.You can use affectionate eyes to communicate with the other party to make the other party more exciting.In addition, you can also use some embarrassing eye skills, such as half a mouthful of mouth and other actions to slowly increase each other’s desire.

Showing sexy parts in a timely manner

When wearing sex underwear, pay attention to exposing sexy parts in a timely manner.Some skin can be exposed appropriately, such as back or collarbone, making the other party more irresistible.But be careful not to be too exposed, the right amount of exposure is the sexiest.

Make some context atmosphere

When wearing sex underwear, you can create a more romantic and sexy atmosphere through some scene situations.You can put some soft music, or order some fragrant candles to make the other party more relaxed and enjoyable.


Wearing a sexy underwear deliberately telling him to watch movies can be a way to increase life, but pay attention to methods and moderate, do not force too much.Wearing sexy underwear, be confident, sexy, and charm, show your best side, and let the other party feel love and romance.

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