Wearing a sexy underwear, my boyfriend skills

Wearing a sexy underwear, my boyfriend skills

Want to make your boyfriend more fascinated by yourself?Try to wear sexy sexy underwear.Sex underwear can make your body more sexy and excite men.However, wearing erotic underwear also requires some skills.Below, let’s share some skills to wear sexy underwear to wear a boyfriend.

Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you

Different people have different figures, and they need to choose the appropriate style according to their own figure.If you have a plump figure, you may wish to choose a sexy underwear with support and conclusion to make yourself look more sexy and the curve is more prominent.And if you are thin, you can choose a thin sexy underwear to highlight your sexy.

Choose the color that suits you

Everyone has their own tendency for sexy underwear of different colors.However, a more practical suggestion is to choose the color that suits your skin tone.If your skin tone is fair, you can choose a dark colored sexy underwear, and the visual effect is better.If your skin tone is more bronze, you can choose a light -colored series of sexy underwear, which is more beautiful.

Pay attention to the details of sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to details, including the quality, design and detail decoration of details.These details can make your body more sexy, and it is easier to stimulate men’s desires.

Pay attention to the wearing experience of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear looks very sexy, it is also very important after wearing it.It is not easy to wear or hard -breathable or hard, but also affects the overall effect of men.Therefore, you must pay attention to the dressing experience when choosing a new sexy underwear.

Give play to your imagination

When wearing sexy underwear, you can use your imagination to create a romantic or desire scene.You can choose a suitable music to prepare a aroma to make the atmosphere more romantic.Or, before wearing a sexy underwear, you can also send a small text message to your boyfriend to guide him to look forward to you.

Try different clothing matching

Interesting underwear is not just worn as a "underwear". You can try different clothing matching to improve the effect of men.For example: put a thin coat on the outer layer of the sexy underwear to blur the boundary between sexy and mysterious.Or put on a tight suspender skirt to be more sexy.

Choose the right place

After wearing a sexy underwear, you can choose a suitable place to surprise your boyfriend.For example: you can put rose red tulle on the bed at home or in the hotel room to make the whole scene more romantic.Or in a beautiful place in natural scenery, take a more romantic photo.

Pay attention to your own state

Although sexy underwear looks sexy, you should pay attention to your status before wearing sexy underwear.If you are uncomfortable now, you can’t achieve the effect of wearing a sexy underwear, and it will make men feel that you are barely yourself.

Aspects of discovering my boyfriend are interested

Each man’s understanding of sexy is different. Some men like adult sexy underwear more, and some men are more likely to be attracted by beautiful sexy underwear.Therefore, in the process of men, it is important to understand the preferences of her boyfriend.You can search on the Internet, communicate with your boyfriend, or try to wear different styles of sexy underwear to understand his interest.


Wearing a sexy underwear and a boyfriend is a thing that many women want to try.But only at the right time, place, and circumstances can men play the best results.Whether you are dressed, details, scenes, atmospheres, etc., you must try to control it as much as possible so that your boyfriend will be fascinated by you and more obsessed with you.

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