Wearing erotic underwear affects the image

Interest underwear and your image

Wearing sexy underwear has a different degree of impact on personal image.When we choose a sexy underwear that suits us, it can make us more confident, sexy, and charm, showing the best state.However, choosing improper sexy underwear, or unsuitable for our underwear style, will be counterproductive, affecting our image and even losing our confidence.

The matching of sexy underwear type and body figure

Different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for people with different figures.For example, full women can choose sexy underwear with a cup and above, supporting and shrinking design to highlight the beautiful curve; and thin women can choose to wear sexy underwear that can increase the chest, hip and waistline to create to create a creationMore feminine body lines.

The effect of sexy underwear on the image

Like conventional underwear, the color choice of sexy underwear will also affect personal image.Choosing the right color can play a variety of magical effects such as breast enhancement/waist/hip/increase, and the wrong color will make us visually ordinary.For example, sexy black, rose red and other colors can make you look more sexy and charming, while light -colored or solid colors sexy underwear is easy to show a fresh and natural atmosphere.

The effect of lines and fabrics on sensations

The sexy underwear of different fabrics and lines has an important impact on the touch and the comfort of the skin.High -elastic soft fabrics make the wearer more comfortable and comfortable, and can better fit the body curve to create a more sexy visual effect.

Select the occasion and time of sex underwear

The choice of different occasions and time will also be different for the style and color choice of sexy underwear.For example, romantic occasions such as wedding party and Valentine’s Day can choose more sexy and luxurious sexy underwear, while you usually go out to shop or work on work. You can choose more daily comfortable sexy underwear.

How to correctly wear erotic underwear

Wearing erotic underwear also has certain skills. Only the correct way of dressing can truly play the sexy feeling and comfort brought by the sexy underwear.For example, when wearing a bra, pay attention to the fit of each part, and choose the appropriate size to avoid discomfort caused by inappropriate wear or even damage to your health.

Skills of sexy underwear

The skills of sexy underwear are also worth noting.Try to avoid multi -layer wear, do not show too much sexy underwear parts during wearing, otherwise you may turn the original sexy underwear into indecent clothes.

Change and gameplay of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is not static, constantly changing and innovation is the key to maintaining freshness.By adding various accessories, changing colors, selection of different styles and design methods to make sexy underwear show richer charm.

Self -feelings wearing sexy underwear

Wearing a sexy underwear that suits you will not only leave a good first impression on others, but also improve our feelings of ourselves.In terms of external images and internal feelings, sexy underwear can bring us beautiful enjoyment and feelings.


Finally, to remind, choosing the right sexy underwear is the purpose of truly achieve a beautiful purpose.Don’t be misled by bad information on the market. You must learn to choose a sexy underwear that suits you in order to truly achieve the best state.

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